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Getting Back In The Saddle Again!

Updated on January 23, 2011

The Last Action Hereo.....Quagmire!

"OH Yeah!  Giggity Giggity!"
"OH Yeah! Giggity Giggity!"

Living Life As The Last Action Hero

Life is so interesting! It can throw you so many curves and can change at the drop of a hat so quickly! I find myself laughing at how crazy life has been for me this year! While I'm not quite on pace with where I want my personal goals to be at, I know that if I buckle down a bit, I can make up where I'm behind and reach where I want to be at by the end of the year.

I've been on the road quite a bit this year. Chicago, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas, West Palm Beach, and Las Vegas have all been called home to me for at least a five day stretch this year. I really enjoy what I do for a living and the independence that comes with it. While the flexibility of what I do has strangled others looking to break into what I do, I take the necessary precautions and bust my butt when I'm home to ensure that I can continue to do what I enjoy.

The great thing is that I make a living buying and selling real estate, coaching, and now I'm breaking into the world of speaking and selling products. My marketing has grown exponentially and I'm extremely excited at what has happened with my business and what is around the corner even with the country being in a recession or downturn or whatever the media wants to call the current economic downturn. While so many people focus on the negatives of life, now is one of the rare opportunities that take place during one's lifetime to allow someone to change their outcome, destiny, or financial standing. It'll be interesting to see what happens over the next two to three years and who comes out on top.

I think the most interesting thing that has me pondering things (as I draw closer to my 32nd birthday, the one year anniversary of my divorce, the midway point of the year, and the 50th birthday of one of my closest friends) is how many of my students have reached out to me in the last few weeks to see how I'm doing personally and health wise. It was much more obvious just recently in Las Vegas at our most recent Path to Profits workshop where I spent over a week in Sin City and the culmination of three weeks on the road (with stints in Los Angeles and Chicago prior). I had two clients come up to me and ask me "Scott, how is your personal life? You travel so much, do you have time to date?"

I almost chuckled! I've been on more dates this year than I thought I would be. Dating is always interesting but it does have its funny sides and potholes. I've had my shares of adventures since my previous blog, Going Through The Big D, and I find myself laughing at the ups and downs of relationships as the tide comes in and goes out.

I've only dated one person for longer than two dates this last year. For her sake, I'll keep her name out of this blog as she is working on wrapping up a divorce. We "ran" into each other online through MySpace and talked for a few months before she chose to fly out and spend Valentine's Weekend with me. That turned out to be the best Valentine's Day that I have ever experienced! It was fun showing her around town and enjoying someone's presence. I invited her back out to be my date for my brother's wedding a few weeks later and then again during Easter weekend in Corpus Christi as well. Time with her was great but her rapidly increasing storm back home with her ex and her inability to not focus on anything except the negative just wore me down. I ended it with her by sending an email explaining my feelings. I'm a big proponent of avoiding confrontation and moving on.

A couple things that I realized with that relationship: A) I need to quit dating women going through divorces or who are recently divorced (Nothing but trouble there!)! B) I need to date someone with just as a positive look outlook on life like I do. And, C) Date someone who understands my travel and what I do. How was I going to accomplish this than just blind luck? Utilize the internet!

What's that mean? Well, I decided to use I posted my profile and suddenly I started getting five matches daily and a few winks and emails from other ladies that fit my requirements. Since I travel so much, it’s hard to meet people but I make a lot of friends that I stay in touch with on a regular basis. I'm not one of those guys that has to "dip my wick" all the time with dates. I actually enjoy stimulating conversation and having fun with my dates versus just trying to score. Now don't get me wrong, I won't turn a good thing down, but that's not what I'm after.

I guess you could call me an old fashioned romantic or a gentleman (other's words, not mine!), but it seems the older women get, the more that they enjoy and respect that. But the majority of them are looking to settle down, get married (if they haven't been already) and start having kids. While I'm not opposed to eventually settling down, I'm just not ready for that. The younger the woman, the more that they are interested in going out and having fun, but they are often full of games and have a hard time being serious about serious things. There are pros and cons to both.

So I've decided to straddle the fence and fish in both ponds.  I've "winked" at my fair share of both age groups on and have been on a ton of dates that continue to amaze and make me laugh.  I've recently met an Aggie graduate (should of known with her being from Texas A&M) that we decided to meet in Las Vegas as we were both there on business.  She wasn't my ideal type, but hey, it's Vegas.  We had a good time at drinks, dinner, and gambling and I believe that were both pretty trashed after our waitress (affectionately called "Legs") dropped off plenty of Crown Royals at our table.  Hey, it was Vegas! That's all that I can say! I had her over for dinner one night but after that I just couldn't see myself hanging out with her. 

I had one dinner date where the 25 year old girl showed up 15 minutes late, answered her phone three times in ten minutes, and kept interrupting me while I was talking.  She also treated the cute waitress rudely and in my world, you just don't do that!  Everyone should wait tables at some point in their life and they would appreciate great service.  I decided that I had had enough, so when Gabby answered her phone again, I mouthed that I was heading to the restroom.  I waived down the waitress, gave her my part of the tab and a note to give to the talking head.  I told the waitress what I wanted her to do, she laughed and complied. But before heading out of the bar, I got her number and went on my way.  I should have saved the text message that I got about 30 minutes later!  That was priceless! I never got around to calling the waitress as I headed out of town for three weeks.

I've laughed at some of the "winks" that I've received.  I guess people don't really bother to see if they are compatible or what some people are looking for.  Don't get me wrong, we all love to window shop but come on!  If the suit says up XL, why does a XXL person try to try it on!  Hey, I've always been a big guy, and I'll always be a large guy, but I'm much more athletic versus overweight and I seem to be getting a lot of "dogs" winking at me. While I could be cleaning house if I was a prick, I'm all about quality versus quantity.  I'm beyond the whole "notch in the bedpost" phase.  

As my birthday approaches, I'm curious at what my friends have in mind as far as a prank.  My close friends at REPC all have great senses of humor.  I'll probably get up early, swing by the office, and then spend the rest of the afternoon in court evicting my deadbeat tenant.  I do have a date lined up with a very pretty 30 year old blond later that evening.   I sometimes feel a bit like David Duchovny from "Californiacation" on Showtime.  David plays the part of a writer who battles the love of his long term girlfriend and his many female encounters along with the interesting adventures that he runs into living in California.  It's a hilarious series and one of my favorites on TV.  Women seem to be attracted that I can put sentences together.  I guess having an original thought and life is an aphrodisiac.  I guess I do get to live a life right now that few will ever have the opportunity to experience and enjoy. Whoop to me!

I find myself in some interesting circumstances.  I ended up at a huge, underground, Texas hold em game one night out on a date with a very attractive 23 year old, Tilted Kilt waitress. That night also saw me later on messing around with one of her acquaintances who supposedly was in the Turkish mafia.  Come on, this is Austin! Am I scared of a little Turkey?  Not at all! That night ended up relatively well, too!  My buddy, Jay Schu, laughs at a lot of my escapades.  When we are on the road together, he's always telling me, "Dude, you will never see these people again!"  Why that might be true while I am out at night, the last thing that I want to build is a bad reputation.  Oh well, it maybe here already!  In the voice of Quagmire from Family Guy, "Alright!"

What the start of my 32nd year and the second half of 2009 holds will be interesting.  I've chosen to hit the road instead of flying to my next 1:1.  I'll drive along the south through Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina.  I'll hit New Orleans on the way back for a day or so, spend a night in Atlanta with friends and a day or so with friends on the way back.  It's been a long while since I was on a road trip, and I enjoy traveling by myself!  It always gives me a chance to relax and collect my thoughts.  I also plan on hitting a few Civil War battlegrounds along the way.  I'll be enjoying some mudbugs along with some southern barbecue!

I know that I have a trip to New York (Rochester) which will allow me to hit a day in the big Apple. Along with and event in Nashville, and maybe a couple trips back to Cali means for a fun time.  January has me spending some time in some place exotic with my brother Tim's wedding!  Maybe I'll be the minister, maybe I'll just be the vacationer!  Who knows!  

While I enjoy Vegas, it's not exactly what I'm looking for!  I've started advertising my services as a non-denominational minister to perform a few weddings and be my own wedding crasher! That could definitely be interesting and might be a story unto its own!  Heck that even sounds like a movie title.  Maybe "Man of the Cloth", cloth being sheets!  I crack myself up sometimes.  When I joked about this to my mom, she was like "oh God, what have you created!"  Don't worry about me God!  I promise to be a good boy (in church anyway).  I'm just joking you know! Am I?  We will see!

One promise to myself sounds a bit like a Tim McGraw song.  A little more lemonade and not so many beers!  A little more time with my feet in the sand instead of pounding pavement.  Finding a church for Sunday's instead of sleeping in.  Eating more salad instead of cheeseburgers, and working out a little more to ensure that I enjoy my later years!  It may surprise a few folks but I do plan on running a few 5k's this year along with buying an elliptical machine to work out on along with trying out a different workout.  Hey, if I lose a few pounds, that won't be so bad.  As long as I don't lose any words to keep the ladies entertained!  Let's see what life has on tap for me!  I'm sure it will be interesting and entertaining.  It will definitely be story worthy.


Living Life In The Fast Lane!
Living Life In The Fast Lane!
Ladies Love My Words, But Do Words Escape Me?
Ladies Love My Words, But Do Words Escape Me?

Star Trek-Beam Me Up, Hottie! (What Captain Kirk was really thinking!)


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    • 1scottcarson profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Austin, Texas

      Shocked? At what? LOL! My life is VERY interesting! You would enjoy Going Through The Bid D. That's a pretty funny one as well!

    • profile image

      Flo Kahlstorf 

      9 years ago

      I singed in to read just a bit of what you wrote and couldn't stop scrolling...I was impressed, entertained and shocked...but still couldn't stop reading. Good job!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      That's awesome!

    • Dr Nancy Kenyon profile image

      Nancy Kenyon 

      9 years ago from Orlando, FL

      Thanks for the journey from meeting a stranger to bonding with a fellow human.  Quickly!   Very refreshing.  Sure wish more of my clients arrived to such an introspective place.  There's a lucky girl out there for you but you may consider narrowing your choice requirements and candidate pool. Life's a race and you may as well spend your fun time with a qualified prospect from a more promising source.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Very funny!!! You have some great dating stories.


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