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Getting Her Into Bed - 8 Signs That You Must Notice

Updated on June 5, 2011

Wanting her in your bed doesn't have to wait until you two have serious relationship. Whenever she's ready, that's the most appropriate time to make it happen. The key to understanding how to get women into bed lays in your ability to notice and decode her body language. Know that all women are different; a woman’s flirty attitude may be identical to another woman's normal behavior and you should learn to differentiate it.

So you have this woman; she's perhaps your lover or you just met her a couple of hours ago but you already have a great conversation. In both scenarios, you need to learn the first rule in how to get women into bed: examining her body language. Here are some signs that she would like you to ravish her:

1. She keeps touching you. When you both chatting, her hands keep exploring your body; perhaps on your arms, shoulders, back, etc. She does not mind with you touching her back and she looks comfortable being around you.

2. She sits with her inner thigh exposed.

3. She gives you compliment sexually. When she compliments certain part of your body like chest or butt rather than your hairstyle or {watches/shoes}, she may want something to do about it.

4. Playing with her clothes nervously. In this case, she may even unfasten a button or two of her blouse. Well, you don’t need to learn how to get women into bed specifically to notice this obvious sign.

5. She starts speaking about sex even when you’re not starting the topic. She might mention her former boyfriend in bed or her other sex experiences.

6. When you both engage in a conversation, her eyes aren't locking in yours like it ought to be. Rather, she keeps changing among both of your eyes and your lips. This is called “triangle gazing” and she probably wishes something more from your lips than just words.

7. She is eager to share the meals and feel comfortable about stealing yours too. This is another sign that she feels relaxed being around you to the point that she doesn’t mind sharing her food.

8. She is stealing glimpses at your chest, butt, or even crotch.

Let's assume that the signs are obvious and you're 90% confident that she wants it as bad as you do. At this stage, any guy who knows how to get women into bed won’t ask her directly since it will immediately ruin the mood. Just make use of any kind of excuse to make her comes to your flat or some other private place to have sex. If she really desires it, even a boring excuse like “I just bought a new DVD, why don't we watch it in my place” will get the job done.

After you manage to bring her to your place, take your time and don't rushing things. Women need time to get used and feeling comfortable with your place. Sit alongside her and keep physical contact: hold hands, strokes hair, and so on. Keep escalating and in time, you will have her in your bed. After holding hands, it is advisable to start with a kiss, find out how to do it in the right way on how do you kiss a girl properly.

Usually, men always want to get their woman into bed, but there are numerous issues that stop them to do that. A number of them even have difficulties to meet qualified women! To solve various problems in dating, I recommend that you check out best dating guide available to see a list of exclusively developed guide to resolve certain dating problem.


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