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Getting Married in the Bahamas

Updated on December 27, 2012

Some couples are looking for a nice church setting wedding, but there are other couples who are looking for an adventurous wedding and the Bahamas would fit the bill. However, in order to get married in the Bahamas one has to keep in mind a couple of things.

Residency Requirement

In order to get married in the Bahamas, it is necessary for one of the partners to be in the Bahamas 24 hours before applying for a marriage license.


There are several fees that go along with getting married in the Bahamas. There is a $100 government license fee that covers the cost of filing your marriage license. The next fee can cost anywhere from $150 to about $200 for the service one wants to have and another $50 to $100 for the wedding rehearsals. Other expenditures is videographers, photographers, site, and departure tax that is about $18.

Intent to Marry

When obtaining the marriage license the couple and marry immediately, if they so choose to. However, if they are looking for a Catholic ceremony, the Archdiocese of Nassau makes it mandatory for the couple to take a pre marriage preparation course that can take about six months.

Wedding Venues

There are numerous wedding venues all around in the Bahamas. There are wedding venues in the Old Bahamas Bay that is located on Grand Bahamas Island and also there is some located in Stella Maris Resort Club that is located on Long island. Regardless the Bahamas have a variety of places to get married at.

If the couple is looking for a Catholic wedding ceremony then they can choose between the Diocese of Hamilton that is located in Bermuda or they can tie the knot at Archdiocese on Nassau. If the couple is Jewish they can tie the note at the Luis de Torres Synagogue, this is the only Synagogue located in the Bahamas.

The Ceremony

The wedding ceremony can be whatever the couple decides it to be; however, the offficiant has be to be authorized to perform ceremonies by the government. Usually Catholic ceremonies are held in the church, other religious ceremonies can be held in a variety of other venues. Just remember that two witnesses are required by the government to make the marriage official.

The Marriage Certificate

The officiant at ones wedding will be responsible for handling all of the paperwork. They will be handing over a duplicate copy of the marriage certificate to the couple after the wedding. It is also the officiants job hand over the other copy of the marriage certificate to the Registrar General for filing.

Legal Documentation

If you are not a resident of the Bahamas, then it is mandatory to fill out an application and one must take it to the Registrar General’s Department and that is where one will have an interview with one of the designated officers. The couple will then have to present an immigration card to prove they have been residing in the Bahamas for the 24 hour period, along with picture identification.


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