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Getting Mr. West black women cheated hundreds of tens of billion Vietnam

Updated on April 5, 2016

6/4 morning, sources from the Department of Public Security Criminal Police Tho City, said the agency has started emergency Ikechukwu Michael Leonard (44 years of age, nationality Nigeria), Huynh Ha Binh (26), Huynh Ha Park (24) and Nguyen Tran Quynh Nhi (25 years, all three live together HCMC) behavioral fraudulent appropriation of property.

Subjects Michael Ikechukwu Leonard (44 years of age, nationality Nigeria) was arrested while behaving trick hundreds of women Vietnam
Accordingly, the morning on 31/3, this gang received entry from Cambodia to Vietnam, panel planned project, immediately to the City in cooperation with the Criminal Police Department, Police Department Prevention high-tech crime and local police reconnaissance nose broken into, stay ahead of the arrest of objects.

Ha Binh Huynh two subjects (26 years); Ha Uyen Huynh (24 years old) at the investigative agencies
Ha Binh Huynh two subjects (26 years); Ha Uyen Huynh (24 years old) at the investigative agencies
In the investigation agency, the name of the gang along the confessed accomplices have used the internet to "chat" via Facebook messaging and introduces the young men overseas Micheal Leonard Ikechukwu successful but marriage the less fortunate (divorce, spouse death) to get acquainted with the women's singles Vietnam.

After chatting for a few days, people speak of love and wanting to get married. Foreign young men knocked down the prey, through the gifts donated a barrel of valuable items such as laptops, iPhones, jewelery and cosmetics ... sent by company international shipping, when about to Vietnam Men will have a contact to delivery.

Then the gang of young men is the Vietnam Women play an employee of the delivery company or an employee of the airport customs use promotional phone number to contact the victim to inform the barrel gifts arrived in the airport, but by detecting a large number of undeclared foreign currency should be kept in custody.

Nguyen Tran Quynh Nhi (25) and arrested for fraudulent appropriation of property
Nguyen Tran Quynh Nhi (25) and arrested for fraudulent appropriation of property
The "employee" is information for "prey" that in order to receive gifts barrel, must pay a fine. When the victim back to the sender to confirm information presents the "dream lover" say yes to send cash to buy a house under the barrel gifts, land and business cooperation ... Then, they use the excuse is business trip with no cash to pay the fine and asked the victim to pay a penalty out of money and will receive a gift and dollars.

When the victim believes to transfer money into your bank account as requested by them, they continue to take a variety of reasons, and given the circumstances it is appropriate to create a trust for the victim and the victim required to pay additional many other charges. When the prey moving fast enough, they withdraw money through ATMs in Cambodia and then cut off contact.

The survey also found that, from 2015 until his arrest, gangs have carried out hundreds of scams and women from north to south through the Internet, accounting for more than 20 billion won. In particular, in the province of Can Tho, they tricked 7 victims, seized more than 2 billion. Police seized more relevant media such as laptops 5, 8 cellphones, 20 ATMs of many banks, tablet, camera, Vietnam and USD money worth several hundred million ...


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