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Getting Through A Breakup

Updated on May 20, 2014

Moving On

Moving on from a bad breakup can be a very hard thing to do, but everyone has done it and has gotten through it. Trust me, the world may feel like it is ending, but it isn't. You just have to pick up the pieces one at a time and give yourself time to get over the person. Here, I give you some tips on how to move on from a bad breakup. A broken heart is not to be taken lightly, it is like being sick. You have to have time to get better and to slowly work your way back into your normal routine.


Day One

So, you cried yourself to sleep last night. You wake up, your eyes are all puffy, and thinking about crying makes you cry even more. Don't worry, let it all out. You have to give yourself time to be depressed and upset. If you keep it all bottled up, you will explode later into a geyser of tears. It's better to cry in your own bed than to be out somewhere, like grocery shopping, and while talking to the cashier you burst out in tears when they ask you if you want to use debit or credit because your ex always used debit (it's always the little things that remind you of them when you are upset).

So, for today, give yourself time to cry and be upset. No one expects you to be happy-go-lucky the first day after.


Day Two

Okay, so, you probably still don't feel like getting out of bed. Try to do something today though, something to distract yourself. If you start crying, don't beat yourself up about it, it's normal. And once again, don't bottle it up and explode later at the cashier in Walmart. I don't think they are trained for that. Try going on a jog, going to the park with your dog, hanging out with some friends, watching your favorite movies and TV shows, or baking. This will get your mind of your ordeal and possibly make you happy.


Day Three

Hopefully by now the crying has gone down a little. If it hasn't, it is okay, there is no need to rush moving on. I usually give myself three days to a week before I actually try acting normally again. Hang out with friends, do something fun. Just try not to start eating your pain away with sweets. That will honestly just make you more depressed and cause you to keep eating, thus making you even more depressed. If you want something sweet, go for frozen yogurt over ice cream, or fruit instead of candy. You can have a chocolate bar, but just ONE chocolate bar.


Days Four Through Seven

It still hurts, maybe you cry every once in awhile, but it is getting better. Notice the improvements, tell yourself everything is turning out to be just fine. It is not like you lost the entire world. You still have your family and friends, and they aren't going anywhere. They are still there to support you. Find new things to do to replace the time you spent with your ex. Find a new hobby, for instance. Start scrap-booking, blogging (ahem), making jewelry, going to the gym more often, becoming more involved in your family's and friend's lives, becoming more involved in the community, there are many ways to spend your time getting back to normal.


Week Two

Some of you will be back to normal by the end of the second week, some will be half way, and some may not be close at all. Whatever the case, keep distracting yourself, realize how much you have, how many people love you, and that people everywhere have been in, and might actually presently be in, your situation right now. If you keep having problems dealing with your pain, going to a support group in your community might be helpful. No matter what, always remember that your world won't end unless you allow it to, so stay strong!


The most important things to remember when moving on is to never eat or drink away your sorrow, this will cause you to end up being even more upset. Try not to drive when you are upset either, your judgement may be a little off and you could end up putting yourself and others in danger. Also, don't tell yourself not to cry. In order to get better, you will most likely have to cry. There's a reason we cry when we are upset, don't hold it in!

Good luck!


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    • Hannahr profile image

      Hannahr 5 years ago from Crowley, TX

      Thanks so much!

    • profile image

      CL 5 years ago

      i found this quite interesting and entertaining haha not to shabby thou