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Learn The Phenomenal Facts About Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Updated on May 9, 2011

This is an emotional time in your life that absolutely requires clear thinking. Right now you’re probably at you’re lowest of lows. Your whole mindset is completely “out of whack”. We’ve all been there. You just need to take a step back from this situation, regroup your thoughts and emotions and clear your head before you even think about getting your ex boyfriend back. You must set aside your emotions and let your logic take over.

For many women, a break up is totally unexpected and they never see it coming. Rest assured that your boyfriend did not suddenly wake up and decide that he didn’t want you in his life any more. It happened because things have been building up over a period of time. It’s just too bad that you didn’t see it coming sooner.

Do you really want him back?

I know right now you’re thinking how could I ask such a question but you need to think about why the relationship ended in the first place and decide why you want your boyfriend back. Here are some questions that you should ask yourself:

Is your life empty without him?

Do you feel like you are less of a person without him?

If you answered Yes to these questions then…. simply “Get a life.” I know that this sounds harsh but you probably gave your boyfriend TOO much attention. You probably became needy and clingy. If you allowed yourself to be summoned to his every beck and call then you likely smothered and drove him away. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You were just reacting to his signals as he was reacting to yours.

Get involved with something that you enjoy. Take up a new hobby or dive into a new exercise routine and enjoy living your life by yourself. It’s only then you can honestly answer the question “Do I really want him back?”

If after careful consideration you have decided that getting back with your boyfriend is not something that you want to do then good for you! You’ve made progress! You have cleared your head of all the negative emotions of the hurt, pain and rejection and seen the relationship for what it was. A Learning Experience! A word that I like to use is NEXT! The “Next” attitude signifies that you are now ready to move forward with your life and your NEXT adventure!

On the other hand, after careful consideration you have looked back at the relationship and seen all the things that he has given you has added a new level of happiness and joy to your life then good for you! You’ve made significant progress in recognizing the relationship for what it really is….A Learning Experience! As stated above you are now ready to move forward with your life and get your boyfriend back!

The Strategy

Many of the things that I will tell you to do to get your boyfriend back will sound very counter intuitive and confusing. Make no mistake about it; the strategy behind getting your boyfriend back does not include tricks, gimmicks, games, pressure or faking your emotions. It’s all a means to an end. If you want to get and stay happy it requires self-discipline, strong inner strength and patience. If you try to persuade, trick or manipulate him back into the relationship, it is doomed to fail. He will see this and he will leave again! You have been warned!

  1. If you sense that a break up is just around the corner, then take a BOLD step and break up with him FIRST! I know, this is seems counter intuitive but this move will show him a side of you that he’s not seen before or for a long time. This move demonstrates that you are independent, strong and can live without him. This will cause him to either rethink his value of a break up or it will speed up the process. Either way the strategy has been set up.
  2. If he decides to go through with the break up or you don’t have the courage to end it first then stand strong and above all do not beg him to stay, call, text or email him endlessly. Don’t even talk to him except for what is absolutely necessary to facilitate the break up.
  3. Give him the GIFT of missing YOU! This is the most powerful way of getting your boyfriend back. After the break up it is very important that you give him his space. Let him have the chance to miss you. Do not contact your boyfriend in any way, shape or form. If there is one thing that women do wrong during a break up its not keeping their distance. Give him the gift of missing YOU!

During this time, your boyfriend is going to experience a shift in how he feels about you, since you will no longer be pursuing him. You may become mysterious to him in some ways, because he is not sure what you are doing or feeling. This is actually something that can work in your favor. Now your ex is in a position to actually miss you, which is not possible when you are smothering him.

You must remember that the key to this strategy and repairing a break up is to work with human nature rather than attempting to work against it. Now you should have a fairly basic understanding on how common mistakes can be avoided. Once you implement this basic strategy you can restore a balance and allow your ex to remember why he loved you in the first place.

Keep yourself grounded and focused on your happiness! After all isn't that what all of this is about? YOUR HAPPINESS!


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    • getoveryourextips profile image

      getoveryourextips 6 years ago from Sydney

      Hey thanks for the great hub. I have to admit I didn't think it was possible to get your ex boyfriend back, but about a year ago i was forced to try and IT WORKED!!!