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Do's & Don't's of Sleeping with Women

Updated on June 13, 2016

Can't get a woman to sleep with you?

There a lot of misconceptions people have about consent and how to get women to have sex with a man. However, it really is not that hard. You just have to follow a simple set of rules.

Here are the simple Do's and Don't's of getting woman to sleep with you. Follow these simple rules, and your relationship with woman will be greatly improved!

However, these are not guaranteed to get you laid. What they will do, though, is allow woman to respect and trust you. It will also greatly reduce your chances of ending up in jail with rape charges, which is the key point here, really.

Let's start with the Don't's

Do not:

  • pressure her into sex - woman are not entitled to give you sex and neither should they be told or made feel that they do.
  • have sex unless she is ready and willing - woman want to feel like they have control in these situations, if she is not ready for whatever reason, respect that.
  • force her - must I really explain this?
  • get her drunk - when someone is drunk, they cannot make well informed decisions. She may seem like she wants to have sex, but that doesn't mean in a sober mindset she would want to.
  • have sex while she is unconscious - Again, do I really have to explain this? This includes times when she may be conscious when sex begins and then becomes unconscious during the act. In that case - stop. I don't care if your almost finished, just stop.

If she says no, do something else

Now the Do's


  • Ask her - give her the option, let her think about it and then decide if she wants to or not.
  • Respect her decisions - if she says no, then go do something else with her. Do not try to influence her to change her mind. Just accept that she said no and go do something else non-sexual together.
  • Make sure she's comfortable - She may have said yes, but remember, she can change her mind at any point. If at any time she doesn't look like she's enjoying it or she looks unfortable, stop and ask if she's ok to continue.
  • Make it romantic - what woman doesn't like a little romance? However, just because it's romantic, doesn't mean you are guaranteed to get laid. Do not expect it.
  • Be in a relationship with her - This is a bonus, but not really a necessity. Woman are more likely to sleep with you in you are in a committed, healthy relationship. Again, however, being in a relationship does not guarantee you will be getting laid all the time.

Always Ask


Long story short - always make sure you have consent before having sex with someone.

This should be a given, however, it seems like there are many people out there who do not understand this simple concept with is actually pretty upsetting. If a someone is too drunk or otherwise able to say no, then don't have sex with them. If someone says yes, but then later changes their mind, then stop - this is a no and is no longer consent.

If you are in a relationship, do not expect sex from your partner. Accept that they may not always be in the mood or willing to have sex all the time. Just because you are together, does not entitle you to any sexual favors. No one owes anyone sex.

Always remember, if you do not have consent during the ENTIRE sexual act, then you are committing rape.

Anything to Add?

Is there any Do's or Don't's that you believe should be in this list that you did not see?

Feel free to add them in the comments.

Do you agree with these Do's & Don't's?

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