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Getting back the love life you once had

Updated on September 8, 2015

Is your sex life struggling

Attention is an aphrodisiac. Given enough attention, any previous situation can be turned around. Do you find yourself asking any of these questions. I can't remember the last time she initiated sex? She started pushing me away years ago.

Are you thinking that she is just not attracted to me anymore? Have you though about having an affair or cheating, because your sex life is non - existing? Your not alone with these issues 87% of women lose their sex drive after 2-4 years of marriage. Work, kids and other things are taking the place of sex. Can this be fixed? ( The answer is yes)

Advice from the experts

Communicating is very important. I know it can be a touchy subject and you have probably tried this before and it has ended up in a fight. Here are some things to try-

  • What are causing these problems and how can you help her overcome them to enjoy your love life.
  • Focus on creating pleasure together in ways that make her feel comfortable. This will work on what is called the female psychology strategy.
  • You have to work on her confidence and make sure you know how to turn her on and most importantly make her have multiple orgasms.

A symbol of love

Improving your relationship

Before you can have a great sex life you have to be enjoying each others company. I'm sure you've heard the saying (A happy wife means a happy life) well it's so true. This means you have to be doing your duties as a man. Here are a few examples offer to give her a massage don't make her ask. Cook dinner, do laundry, dishes things you might not do all the time.

Positive psychology powerfully reverses the effect of the downward spiral of love hormones. Using that with seduction techniques and the power of the gentle touching tactics are a magic combination for almost every relationship, no matter how bad your love life is right now.

Flowers are a mans best friend

Learn from the experts

You have to work on what the experts like to say, rewire her brain and make her obsessed with you. When this happens she stops thinking about any other guy in her life. You will start making her so hot that her body temperature begins to rise at that point her brain starts sending her signals that she needs to come on to you. The mind is a very powerful tool I will get into that in another article.

Obsession is just like any emotion it can be triggered by a simple technique. This technique was made by one of the top sex experts in the world. Adam is the authors name and the advice's he passes on is priceless. If you went to counseling you would pay around 10,000 and trust me you would not get the advice and gain the knowledge you do from the experts a recommend.

When you use this you will be shocked at how quickly she begins to become obsessed. And once that happens your never going to have to worry about sex again.


Advice every man needs

Women's arousal starts from the outside in, from the heart and brain first. The impact of a message goes like this 7% verbal, 38% vocal and 55% body movements.

The Florida workout

This is my online personal trainer he is the best watch his video free.
This is my online personal trainer he is the best watch his video free. | Source


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