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Getting cheated on: What to do afterwards

Updated on December 21, 2015

Make them leave

Once you get cheated on. Don't give them another chance!

It is obvious that if they cheat on you then you're better of by leaving them and forcing them to stay away from you, even if they realize what they did is wrong. Don't let them back in your heart, they already had their chance and they screwed up so the best thing to do is obviously to put an end to the relationship but sometimes your ex-partner ends up like your "friend" but the best thing to do for you is putting an end to any kind of relationship with the person that cheated on you, including friendship.

The damage is done but doing this will help you recover a little faster.

Do exercise

This is something also pretty obvious but most people don't do it. Doing exercise after getting cheated on and the break up that comes with it is pretty good since you need to take your mind off things and just relax or get rid of stress then doing exercise is the simplest and most useful method of doing it.

Actually studies have shown that people that do exercise are actually happier during periods of stress and sadness than people that don't do exercise. It really helps since exercise makes our brain give us endorphin which helps during this times. Of course this is done in a complete natural way.

Go out with your friends

Going out with your friends is really a great way to continue recovering and having fun at the same time. Don't have a pity party, instead go out to different places like the park or even a convention. You and your friends could go to the club too, it all depends on what all of you feel like doing. They will also understand the situation you're going through and help you let go of the pain.

Do one of your hobbies

If you have a hobby like dancing, knitting, coin collecting, etc... Do it once in a while or daily if you really have nothing to do and you don't want to get bored or sad then this is a great way to kill time and get yourself a little distracted from any kind of pain too. You can do them sometimes in the week or monthly, it really doesn't matter.

Go with a psychologist

If you feel like you still can't let go of the pain for some reason, this is pretty normal, so if you're going through bad times and you're still hurt then go with a psychologist, the psychologist probably won't make you forgive the person that cheated on you since it is something really hurtful instead he/she will help you let go of the pain so you can move on. Sometimes a psychologist can be amazing if you're going through really hard times.

Never underestimate any help from a psychologist, most of them are really smart people which will make sure to make you feel better with yourself and get rid of that pain slowly.

Move on

This is something really simple that everyone that had a bad relationship must understand.

"You lived without that person for most of your life, you can keep living without them"

Even if your ex-partner was your "sweetheart" or "The only person that you loved" you can keep moving on, they simply didn't appreciate you and decided to do their own thing. The best thing to do is stop caring so much about him/her and continue moving on with your life, there are no limits of what you can do unless you limit yourself.

Take a vacation

After you have gotten rid of the pain that you were going through, if you can go and take a vacation. Go to the beach or even go and meet a new country. Doing this can help you feel a little better and get ready for a new and even better relationship. Of course you also don't have to get in a new relationship right away! But spending a vacation somewhere else can be really helpful and relaxing too!

Get a makeover

Once you're finally done with the most hurtful part then you should get a makeover, just change your style in some way or even just the way you're looking at life right now and try to be a little happier, smile a lot. This will also help you be happy with yourself and allow you to move on as fast as possible.

Meet someone else

After the bad relationship you had, if you feel that you had enough time to at least start dating new people then it could be a good time to meet someone else and even date them or keep them as your friends. You really don't need to start dating right away. Instead you can meet new people and just chill with them. No matter what happens you're gonna be fine, you might even find the person that will be your husband/wife or not. Life is really fun so don't limit yourself at what you can do after a bad relationship.

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