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Getting in his head Volume I - The basics of how men think

Updated on July 17, 2011

The missing link

All men have one thing in common, whether he is Metro-sexual, a Mans man, mamma's boy, or the sensitive romantic, I call it "the missing link". The "missing link" is the basic thought process of all men and no matter how hard they try to ignore it, this basic process is the starting point for a man's thoughts. This basic thought process is one of the only remnants left over by early man. There are 7 stages of the "missing link" thought process, understanding these stages will help strengthen that relationship by giving you access to that Neanderthals thoughts, before he thinks them.

The 7 Stages

Below are brief descriptions of the 7 stages, how to take the understanding of these stages and use them to your advantage are coming in Getting in his head - Volume II - His thoughts or yours.

Stage 1 - The club over the head

Stage 1 is the very beginning of a mans thought process. The moment a man is consciously awake he begins to think about what he wants and how he is going to get it. Now early man woke up, grabbed his club, and went looking for what he wanted then took it by any means necessary. Modern man wakes up, showers, has a cup of coffee, grabs his car keys and starts looking for the means to get what he wants.

Knowing that a mans first thought is always "what do I want and how can I get it", gives you a powerful tool to set up and manipulate the day ahead.

Stage 2 - Drag by the hair to the cave

Stage 2 begins the moment a man sees what it is he wants. Early man would see the food or the woman he wanted, he would club it, then drag it back to his cave as his. Today's man sees the item wanted considers it his and spends every moment trying to get it.

Realizing that a man is in a constant pursuit of something should give you the knowledge to decide for him what he wants to pursue.

Stage 3 - Mine

Stage 3 starts the exact moment a man gets what he wanted. The moment early man took with club what he wanted, it became his and no other man nor beast was taking it without a fight. Millions of years couldn't change this stage and Modern man thinks with the exact same possessiveness as his ancestors did.

Though you are not going to change what millions of years couldn't, you can use even this stage as an advantage.

Stage 4 - The Hunt for Food

Now once a man has determined what he wants, pursued it and then possesses, his thoughts turn to survival, how do I keep everything that is mine. Early man hunted, and to keep his women or woman he impressed them by bringing home the food and fur. Today man does everything within his means and sometimes beyond his means to keep everything that he has earned.

Survival is the key to this stage, a man can become desperate and fool hearty trying to keep his possessions, using this stage to your advantage can be the most rewarding.

Stage 5 - Bringing home the bacon

Stage 5 begins partway through stage 4. A man begins to think about what he is bringing home almost immediately after starting the hunt. Early man would pass up the rabbits and smaller animals to "bag" the big one sometimes causing him to come home empty handed. Now today's man has been known to pass up a job or real opportunity so that he can "bag" the big one, it will be easier to keep all that is mine plus I can get more if I can make more is his basic thought process here.

In order to use this stage to your advantage you must be very careful, and you must understand thoroughly the previous stages, but once mastered using this stage properly is the key to long term relationship bliss.

Stage 6 - Inside the cave

The saying "A mans home is his castle" is based off this stage of the thought process. Early man wanted to protect all that was his, out of sight from others so they did not know all you had, then they wouldn't want it. Today man thinks the exact opposite of his ancestors because he flaunts all that he has he shows off his trophy wife, his sports cars, etc...

Learning how to get a man to think the way his ancestors did, will give you all you need to develop that 100% trust in each other and remove any insecurities either of you have.

Stage 7 - Lights out

This stage is where most women think a mans thought process starts, that is because this thought process is the most prevalent physically and emotionally. The neanderthal would climb onto his woman when and where the mood struck him, his anger would be apparent if she was not submissive. Today depending on your mans personality, there are multiple ways this stage can be processed.

Though a lot of women feel that controlling this stage is the key to controlling their relationship and their man, the truth is there is very little actual thought during this process. To truly control this stage and him you have to learn what that very little thought is.

A brief look into Volume II

In volume II I will break down the stages in detail, give real life examples of the thought process and show you how to use this to your advantage.

Stage breakdown:

Stage 1 - How to determine what he wants - Can I change his wants - Giving in?

Stage 2 - The illusion that he already has it - Sending him on a constant pursuit for you

Stage 3 - His and Hers - Making everything ours - Not a possession

Stage 4 - The hunter - What impresses you..really! -

Stage 5 - living beneath his means - Defining "the big one" for him

Stage 6 - Stop him from show boating - Status is the enemy

Stage 7 - He thinks for a second - He remembers for a lifetime


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    • Just Ask Susan profile image

      Susan Zutautas 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Looks good!

    • Just Ask Susan profile image

      Susan Zutautas 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I found your hub interesting as far as what I could read of it. There is a ton of coding on it which I am not sure what you have copied and pasted here. You may want to check out the Learning Center here at HubPages which you can find at the bottom of the page.

      Welcome to HubPages.