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Getting married abroad or at home/ ru marriedabroad

Updated on September 19, 2011

Getting Married abroad

Getting married abroad makes us think of the ultimate romantic way to exchange vows with the one we love with the added bonus of having clear blue skies and exotic locations.

First though i would advise you too seriously consider your reasons for wanting to get married abroad as there are positives and negatives.

The Positives of getting married abroad

1) Romantic setting

2) Increased chance of having lovely weather on your special day

3) You will have a lovely backdrop for your wedding photos

4) You could get married abroad and tell family and friends when you get home

The Negatives of getting married abroad

1) Can all your family and friends afford to attend

2)You will be relying on organizing at a distance i.e email or telephone

3) Could be more stressful and you may have less control of the outcome of your big day

If the positives and negatives of getting married abroad have now got you thinking there is another option.

This option is the one my wife and i decided to do this year after a lot of consideration.We got Married in England and then travelled to the Caribbean for our Honeymoon where we had an intimate blessing.

Let me tell you first both myself and my wife had always said we would never marry anyone well that was until we met each other and for the first time we felt that it was the right thing to do. It really goes to show that if you meet the person that's right for you then anything is possible.

I am also a believer that if you don't want to get married you maybe with someone you love but not enough in love to make that final commitment.

Originally we decided that we wanted to get married abroad. When we announced to friends and family that we was getting married they were delighted for us but many expressed disappointment that we wanted to get married abroad .Many Family and friends wanted to share our special day with us but many couldn't afford to attend. On the other hand we wanted a quiet ceremony with little fuss and preferred to get married abroad and then on our return to England throw a big party so all our friends and family could celebrate with us.

After an awful lot of thought we decided to get married in England in the presence of all our friends and family and to arrange to have a romantic Blessing abroad.I opted to arrange the wedding myself which let me tell you is no easy task especially when your working 12 hour days. If you can afford a wedding organiser then this can help but there is a great satisfaction of knowing that you are getting everything done yourself and of course you know that everything is exactly as you want it to be.

Well we got Married on July 17th 2010 and the day was fantastic and everything went according to plan and we were even lucky enough to have the sun shine on us. My biggest surprise was how quick the day went so make sure you have a plenty of photographs and someone to take a video if possible. These are your future memories of your special day.

My only regret of the wedding day in England was not having a professional photographer.We had hundreds of pictures taken by family and friends but so so many have people looking in different directions (This will not be the case will a professional photographer)

Well we jetted off two days later to have our Honeymoon and Blessing abroad in the Dominican Republic.

The Blessing was lovely and very romantic and personal between me and my wife but i have to say we both said afterwards we was so glad we had got married before hand in England with all our friends and family present.

In my opinion if you cant share your special day with your friends and family then i would advise against getting married abroad or maybe try what myself and my wife did.

Oh and by the way we had a professional photographer for our blessing and we have some absolutely fantastic pictures and as a bonus we have a great tan in our pictures as well!!


Getting married abroad

Wedding Dress Tip: Getting your dress dry cleaned abroad can save you alot of money
Wedding Dress Tip: Getting your dress dry cleaned abroad can save you alot of money
Remember getting married abroad your dress will be very hot so choose your fabrics wisely
Remember getting married abroad your dress will be very hot so choose your fabrics wisely

Getting married abroad my advice

The initial prospect of getting married abroad may be daunting and there will be times when you think what are we letting ourselves in for!!

Its not as difficult as you could be lead to believe it to be and could end up being everything you dreamed it would.

Careful planning and Research are the keys to a successful wedding abroad one that will be talked about by you, your family and wedding guests for years to come.

When planning your wedding abroad make sure you are organized I hope the following advice will make your wedding day run smoothly.

  • First you need to decide if getting married abroad is exactly what you want and will all your friends and family be able to attend your wedding day
  • Once you have decided that you are going to get married abroad you need to decide on location.If you are going to combine the wedding with the honeymoon then a nice exotic warm location maybe best. Also consider the further you go the less guest you may have attending your wedding.Best though is to research get some travel brochures and look online and pick out a location.
  • If you find places you believe are suitable then check legal requirements of the relevant country as different countries have different requirements.If you can satisfy all the requirements of the country of your choice then you can begin to plan your wedding abroad.(You will also at this time decide on the time of year you will be travelling to your destination checking the weather and if there any exciting events happening at the time of your wedding as this can be a good way of encouraging people to attend your wedding)
  • A good idea now is to get in touch with a local wedding organizer who can help you with all your wedding arrangements this will really take away alot the stress of your wedding day,and because of the wedding location its easier to have someone local who can help with all the arrangements.
  • Oh and by the way make sure your Passports will be valid and with 6 months remaining from the date of return you may well be planning a wedding a year from now or longer but just check the passports and make a note in your diary when they need changing.

getting married abroad


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    • SIJO1 profile image

      SIJO1 7 years ago

      Thanks for your comments.Our blessing in the carribean didnt exactly go according to plan but that will be a subject for a future Hub.Oh and by the way your so lucky to live by the coast.

    • Loveslove profile image

      Loveslove 7 years ago from England

      Im so pleased your special day went well..My daughter also opted for a wedding in England,in our local Parish Church,on sept 12th 2009,She also thought about a wedding abroad but gave up onit for very much the same reasons as you and also I wont fly so who can possibly get married without her mum there? As you say a wedding planner is good if you are able to afford one,in my daughters case she needed one as she is a proffesional singer and away from home a great deal,didnt want one but needed one and I took on the job..all went well and the day dawned bright and sunny ...we live on the coast so some of the official pics were taken on the beach,a lovely day and everything was perfect.