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Getting more Replies on Dating Sites.

Updated on December 31, 2010

Getting more Replies from Dating Contacts

A lot of people tell me that they only get a few replies from the people they contact on dating sites and some even tell me they get no replies at all.

The dating sites also tell you in some of their online documentation that it is not uncommon for people that you contact to totally ignore you and even just delete your contact note without even reading it. Rude I know, but it seems to be the way of the world these days. So the big question is, how do you flag someone's attention, and get them to at least open your mail and read it?

Well step one is having a catchy subject line.

Something like this may be.

About last Thursday night?
Do you remember me ?
Ultra Smoothe like Silk
Do you like my Hat?

Using a catchy type statement or question is one way I get better results. It gets their attention because it is intriguing or just plain stupid. So they open it to have a look.

It also pays to read their profile and reply with an appropriate answer. Here is part of someone's profile I pulled from a dating site which I'm going to use here as an example.

This lady is 40 years old and she writes :
Just moved to the sunshine coast so I'm enjoying exploring this beautiful part of the world and am loving no Brissy traffic! Love nature and creation am a Christian and believe we are created and here for a purpose, to make it a better place. Have been a widow for 15 years and have a 15 year old daughter who is lovely and good company! I am an honest reliable affectionate caring healthy humorous intelligent communicative person who doesn't play games and would love the same. I am normally upbeat, happy and very positive with the glass always half full and am not on any medication : ) I love travel have been to Europe twice but won't go back until I have a gorgeous man to cruise the Rhine with. I have a varied taste in music from classical to Christian to rock don't really like techno or manufactured stuff, eeewww country,,love a good guitar My interests are varied travel, movie's, bush walking, markets and especially the beach. As I am looking for a long term committed relationship no game players (oh the wasted years) or men over 45 sorry I'm sure you're lovely but I don't want to be a widow twice and that may not sound logical to you but to me and my life experience it does, its all about reducing risk. Suppose I am looking for that mental spiritual and physical connection. As for the goals too much to write here : ) I must be boring I have no tatts or piercings apart from the ears am worried what they'll look like when I'm 80!! Mmm not too sure about the results of that personality-chemistry test think only half of it is right!

If I were to contact this woman, I would write something like this:
Subject line : Yeah the Mooloolaba Markets

I love the Mooloolaba Markets in Venning Street. I also love Underwater World in Mooloolaba.

So tell me how often do you visit the markets? And what trinkets are you mostly attracted to or is it just the atmosphere of the markets you most enjoy?

I'm rather interested in hearing what you have to say.

Cheer's for now

So that is all I would write. It's enough to get a reply.

Oh I bet your wondering How I know about the Mooloolaba Markets etc... Well I did a google search for Sunshine Coast Markets In her profile text, she mentioned that she likes going to the markets, and she has moved to the sunshine coast, so I just did a Google search and got the info and used it.

If you want to increase your rate of replies you are going to have to put some extra effort into it.

So in a nutshell, it's quite easy, you just have to read the profile and see if there are any topics and interests mentioned in their profile that you can ask questions about then ask some questions and keep it brief. One or two paragraphs is fine.

Remember to big and your boring to short and your illiterate. That the rule I work to.

So I hope this helps to increase your rate of reply in the dating world.


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