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Getting to Know You: Chicklet_HF & Maleni Cruz

Updated on November 4, 2017

When checking your man goes VIRAL

Are They Like This in Real Life??

Yes! What you see is what you get with Chicklet_HF and Maleni Cruz. No sugar-coating, no flexing, straight real-life. When asked what they like to do together off-camera, both these Brooklyn natives said in unison, "fight!" Their relationship is definitely not something for everyone to understand, but it is something that appears to be working for them. So, how does a couple who fight all the time work so well together? Maleni broke it down like this:

You know, you can get upset, you can bark at each other but you have to eventually listen to them. If you don't want to listen to what they are saying, in the end of the day, it's not going to work.

Chicklet backpacking off of his girl...

You know, it takes a lot of getting to know each other, especially for guys. We don't like talking a lot at first, so it takes a lot of patience on both sides.

Chicklet & Maleni

The key is not to force it, that's the key to me. Don't force something that's not there. Using regular glue to fix something that needs welding just means it may work now but it ain't gone work forever.

— Chicklet_HF

But, Who Does That?

The comfort level between these two are undeniable. From the name calling, to what they consider love-taps, Chicklet and Maleni, have found a way of expressing themselves that doesn't send the other one running for cover. Contrarily, it draws them closer. These two agreed that they weren't meant for the nice types. Chicklet states,

Honestly, if you're too nice, that sh*t is annoying to me. I'm not even gone lie, people that all "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," I'm like "what you sorry for? Hit me!"

"I Love You, B!"

Meeting The Couple

Everything is up for debate with these two. Nothing is of limits, including how long they've really been together.

Chicklet: She's been with me just a little longer than I've been with her. She's been with me for two years, I've been with her for one.

Maleni: Noooo! We've been together for 2 months. (sarcastically) Yup, we just got together.

Chicklet: Naw, we've been together for a little over two years, but we've known each other for 3 or 4 years.

In real life, these two are mad funny; as individuals, and a team. Maleni admits to knowing she was funny but never thought to put herself on camera. Now, her boyfriend is another story.

Chicklet: I was already doing videos. Once I started getting a little buzz, I didn't want people to feel uncomfortable coming up to me because of Maleni. You have really shy girls that just want to say hey but sees me with my girl and I'm like...Uhhhhh.

Maleni: She's not going to bite, guys!

Chicklet: So, I was like "let's put it together!"

If you don't know, Chicklet and Maleni are taking their scrabbles to Tidal, recently releasing their series "I Love You, B! The show is their love story brought to life, from beginning to the FOH!!! They have finished filming the first season and are excited to share their journey with the masses. The series starts with their first date that goes completely wrong. If you have yet to see their latest episode, head to Tidal NOW!


The Shiggy Show
Fatboy SSE
Jim Carey
Favorites and Inspirations

Melani Cruz

Dancer & Choreographer

Dance Wave

Deep Wave in Motion

-10 Free Dance Classes

- Hip Hop, African, Salsa, etc.

This is Them

They both admit to annoying each other. He enjoys poking the bear in Maleni, and she still gets annoyed by his lack of patience. But like any successful couple, they've found something they love to do together and is making it work for them. They also enjoy dining together and going to the hottest parties. Seriously, It's never a dull moment with these two. Asking Chicklet what an act of love looks like in a relationship, he pointed me toward one of his videos.

It seems Chicklet does a lot of these type of things for his Maleni. He admits to appreciating her special acts of love too, like rubbing his crusty feet, finding mundane back pimples to pop, and especially putting up with his shenanigans.

That's what I like about her the most, yo. She was that girl that broke it down for me. Like "yo, chill out real quick." I never really seen that till I was with her. Everyone else gave up. I would be like "just leave!" and she's just yell back "No! I ain't going no where, but you gone know not to talk to me like that!"

Hopes for the Future

These two aren't aimlessly flying in the wind. They've got goals! Chicklet shares he had a goal of reaching 100k followers on IG by Summer 2018. Shattering that ceiling, he now almost as 250k followers. These two are determined to finish the year strong, traveling up and down the coast, eager to meet and entertain their fans. They are scheduled to be in Orlando November 18.

So, what does 2018 hold for Chicklet_HF and Maleni? "A million."

Chicklet: A million anything. A million dollars, a million followers. A million's gotta hit next year. Also, I hope we find something new and fresh to do instead of beefing all the time. I mean, that' ain't going no where.

Chicklet and Maleni aren't done taking leaps to pursue a dream. They're hungry and determined to provide themselves with lives which they can be pleased. Chicklet recalls how people thought he was crazy for quitting his job.

Chicklet: No one thought I was serious, till I quit my job. When I did they were all they "uhhhh" and I'm like "what you mean? I'm like Roc Nation right now!" But, I feel like, even if I was making $100hr doing something I didn't like, I still would be upset; i'd never want to go to work. But I didn't really need a lot of support, I had her [Maleni]. I really didn't need it from anybody else.

Maleni: That's love right there.


It was a pleasure speaking with this hilarious couple! Make sure you look out for the full interview in the latest issue of Royalty Radio Magazine dropping this winter! Other interviews include Ice-T, television producer Frank Williams and Strange Music's Stevie Stone!


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