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Gift Ideas for Your Entire Wedding Party

Updated on April 30, 2015

Favors for Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Mothers, Fathers & Kids in Your Wedding

Buying gifts for your wedding party takes some time, creativity, and a personal touch. After all, the people in your wedding are those you consider very close to you and they are sharing in your special day rather differently than your guests. They need to be shown how much they are appreciated. Below are some bridal accessory gifts, ideas, and tips of who to buy for and what might fit the bill. Be sure and have fun with it while keeping it personable.



Oh yes, the bridesmaids. What do you get the ladies that helped you plan and carry through your wedding day? Traditionally, bridesmaids are given jewelry to wear with their dresses as part of their gift. If you choose to do this, make it something special by personalizing your present. Perhaps an engraved bracelet or locket with a personal message? Also, make sure the jewelry piece is practical and something they can wear again and again. Frames are also a huge trend now. How about giving your gals a nicely framed photo of the two of you? It would be sure to be cherished and it shows that you really care.



Traditionally, groomsmen are also given something that they can wear or carry in their pockets at the ceremony. The most popular gifts are cufflinks. Again, if you go with this, make them personable with an engraving of some sort. Also on the list of popular items are pocket watches, money clips, and lately, flasks or personalized barware.


Mother of the Bride/Groom:

What an important gift to give! You really need to make this one special. Take time and think about what she really loves and go from there. It is important that it reflect the value of family. For example, think about a piece of Mother’s jewelry made of birthstones of her children. Also, a cameo locket is a lovely idea. Try and find a photo that you can reduce to fit inside


Father of the Bride/Groom:

Dad’s can be tough to buy for, we all know that. However, give him a personalized gift, something that shows your love for him. Think about a personalized men’s watch, or an engraved money clip. That way, he can start saving his money again! Or, get really personal and buy him something he is passionate about. Does he love books? How about a first edition copy of an author he loves? Does he love to golf? How about a new engraved golf club or personalized gloves?


Flower Girls/Ring Bearer:

Children are so fun to buy for, but can also be your biggest critic! Little girls love jewelry, so why not give them what they want. A cute pearl necklace set is ideal and she can wear it over and over again. Your ring bearer may be the toughest to choose for if you pick a little boy for the duty. However, if you treat him like a grown up, you really can’t go wrong. Think about a set of his own cufflinks with his initials engraved or even a little money clip with a little something in it.

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