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Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend or Wife

Updated on June 28, 2017
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Natasha Pelati has published three books of poetry and writes on real-life experiences with the help of psychology.

Flowers, Chocolates and Cuddly Bears

Getting your girlfriend or wife a gift is easy
Getting your girlfriend or wife a gift is easy

What Men Don't Know about Buying Gifts for their Partners.

Most men find it very difficult to find the perfect gift for their partners and they end up rushing through the stores to find anything that they think their partners might like.

What men don't know is that most women throw out hints of what they would like before you go out and buy probably weren't paying attention when she told you!

Women also read into what you are buying, even if you have been together for years, they will always find the meaning behind the gift that you have bought.

If you haven't wished her as soon as she wakes up or given her a little gift before the day begins, then YOU ARE TOO LATE! It will seem like an after thought and unless you have saves something spectacular for the end of the day, she will not be impressed.

Generally, it is the thought that counts but if you have not put any thought into what you have bought then your partner will know and she will be disappointed.

Kitchen utensils, cooking equipment and anything to do with outdoors, is not an option and although she says she likes those things, it does not mean that this is what she would like for an anniversary gift.

Romance, romance, romance!!!! If you don't know anything about this than learn because every woman loves romance and if you can't find a gift, romancing her will be a fabulous gift.


Buying a card means that you have to read it carefully as this is what your wife or girlfriend will do. Women look for the hidden meaning in everything and if you do not want to get the silent treatment, then make sure the card has meaningful and sincere words written into it.

It is always a great idea to make your own card and add some poetic words into it. You can even write a poem about your undying love for your partner.


When buying your girlfriend or wife flowers, then you need to know that colours reflect your love for her and the bigger the bunch, the better!

Roses and their colour have meaning to them and this is what they mean;

Red roses are for love and affection, true love, desire, courage and passion

Dark red roses are for deep passion and readiness for commitment, unconscious beauty

Light pink roses are for gentlesness, joy and grace, harmony and sympathy

Bright pink rose are for appreciation and gratefullness

Lavender is for love at first sight and splendour

Purple is for enchantment

Blue roses are for mystery and calm, fertility and self respect

White roses are for purity and innocence, humility, marriage snd new beginnings

Yellow roses are for friendship

Black roses are for mourning

Most women love a huge boquet of red roses but even if you just give her one, she will be happy.

It does help to find out what her favourite flowers are and those are the ones that you get.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend!
Diamonds are a girl's best friend!


All women love jewellery and the shinier and sparkled it is, the better!

Avoid buying diamond rings if you have no intention of asking her to marry you now and if you do buy her a ring for a birthday, then ensure that it is not wrapped up looking like you are going to pop the question as this will lead to disappointment or make her run!

Jewellery is a personal thing and as long as it comes from the heart, that is all that matters, however, not all women have the same taste in jewellery so you will have to do some research first.

Again, it's finding out what her favourites are before going to buy it.

If you are stuck on what to buy, then find out what her birthstone is and get her a ring with that in it. You can't go wrong there!

Holidays and Romantic Getaways

All women love to be swept off their feet and taken away to an exotic location, filled with romance and time spent alone with their partners to just let loose and have fun.

Most married women and women who are mothers would love the opportunity to get away and have a break from being a mom, cleaner and cook. They would also like to go and have a sense of freedom in a place where they can drink, dance and just let their hair down, without having to be responsible for others.

Romantic getaways can be on a weekend cruiseliner, a local hotel or anywhere where you have the chance to be alone and romantic.

Naturally, if you can escape to a foreign or exotic country, like Paris or a tropical paradise, then you have a winner of a gift!

If you have no idea on how to be romantic, then learn!!!

Spa Treatments

Another nice gift is a day at the spa, where they can be pampered with facials, massages and time to relax, unwind and take care of themselves.

Spa treatments are available in most areas and they have day packages, half day packages and even couples packages, where you can both enjoy the relaxation together.

Beauty Products

Women love bath salts, foam bath, cosmetics, hair treatments, wonderful smelling soaps, shower gels and scented candles.

Buying these products means that you need to know what your partner likes and what smells she doesn't enjoy.

Cosmetics are also a personal preference and you should go and investigate her make- up bag to see what products she uses before you buy.

Hair treatments are also a good product to buy, but it would be best if you gave her a voucher to have her hair done by professionals rather.

Perfumes are also a great gift for women and she will trust the scent that you choose!

Handbags, purses and belts

Beautiful handbags are hard to find, so if you do want to buy her this as a gift then be sure to take a look at the style that she usually wears and go from there. Look in catalogues and see what styles are up to date now, to make your shopping easier.

Purses are easy if you buy leather and they must look delicate and unlike a mans wallet.

Femine, is what you should have in your mind when getting this as a gift. Also ensure that it has space for cards, cash and coins.

Belts are not really an easy gift to buy and unless it is an unusual belt made with diamond encrusted pieces, imported from Texas, then you should probably avoid buying her this.

Clothing and Lingerie

Women in general love beautiful lengerie but if you get her the wrong size, you will be offending her and you need to make certain that the size you buy is the correct one.

As long as it is beautiful, sexy and her size, then you are on the right path.

Clothing is also something that women like to buy on their own, so avoid getting her clothes as you will probably end up buying her something that she won't wear.

A Luxury Handbag as a Gift

A designer handbag is always appreciated as a gift for your wife at any time
A designer handbag is always appreciated as a gift for your wife at any time | Source

Anniversary Gifts for your Wife

A special occasion deserves a special gift and if you have remembered your anniversary, then you are already a winner!

Get your wife a gift that will truly mark the day and make it memorable. Use your imagination for this one and the most romantic thing that you can come up with, will definitely win her over.

A picnic with a bottle of wine and food that you have prepared, along with flowers and a tiny gift - preferably jewellery, will be welcomed.

For an anniversary gift, jewellery is probably the best option.

Anniversary Gift Per Year

Clocks, Plastic, Gold Jewellery
China, Cotton, Calico, Garnet
Crystal, Glass, Pearls
Fruit, Flowers
Silk, Blue Topaz
Silverware, Sapphire
Sugar, Iron
Wood, Candy, Amethyst
Wool, Copper
Brass, Onyx
Linens, lace,Tourmaline jewellery
Alluminium, Tin
Diamond Jewellery
Fashion, turquoise jewels
Silk, linen
Textiles, fur
Gold Jewellery,Opal
Glass watches, Ruby
Furniture, watch
Porcelain, Cats eye jewellery
Chille Pepper
Platinum, Emerald
Sterling Silver
Coral, Jade
Ruby, Garnet
Gold and diamond
Diamond like stones
10 carat diamond

Gifts to Avoid

Women love anything as long as it comes from the heart but there are a few things that you should never buy for the love of your life!

Alcohol, anything to do with sports and outdoors, kitchen utensils, home appliances, anything to do with losing weight and vouchers as they are impersonal and show that you have made no effort in looking.

© 2013 Natasha Pelati


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    • Tashaonthetown profile imageAUTHOR

      Natasha Pelati 

      6 years ago from South Africa

      Thank you! I appreciate the advice and will see if I can get more info on the colours to do that.

    • Londonlady profile image

      Laura Writes 

      6 years ago

      The part I liked most about this hub was the Rose colors and what they mean. I really suggest writing a separate hub on rose colors and their meanings and then linking it into this hub as well.

      Nicely done, voted up


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