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Gift Ideas

Updated on November 1, 2013

Gift Ideas: From Wacky to Wonderful!

Are you looking for a great gift idea? Are you the type who struggles throughout the year looking for interesting ideas for a friend or relative?

This is a collection of innovative sites specializing in interesting and novel gift ideas, including:

Romantic GiftsChildren's GiftsFunny GiftsSexy GiftsBusiness GiftsLuxury GiftsBeauty Gifts

The Gift Of Your Dreams

The Gift Of Your Dreams
The Gift Of Your Dreams

What Is the Worst Gift Your Husband (or Wife) Ever Gave You?

This is why you need the gift suggestions on this page.



Top Ten Free Ecards

No matter what the occasion it is always good to send an ecard. Why?

Ecards are easy to make and to send and best fo all, those below offer free Ecards. Ecards usually have the feature that you can send it to arrive on the correct date. Cards sent by post may arrive before or after the date. You can send all of your Ecards at the beginning of every month, with the appropriate date and be sure you did not forget anyone. You can send a second card by post to very special people. You usually receive a confirmation when the card is sent and another one when the card is viewed. You can time a phone call for just after they have viewed your card:Here are some of our favorite free Ecards.eCardicaHallmarkChristian CardsDay SpringI Love CardsYahooligansUSA GreetingsWicked MoonCupid CardsSuperlaugh

The Gift Of Fresh Air from Sharper Image

Advanced Bio-Engineer Fiber Material

The Rabbit Air utilizes a HEPA filter made of the most advanced bio-engineered fiber material available. This hardworking fiber not only traps but also destroys a host of common allergens--such as pet epithelia, dust mites, and pollen--all of which typically accumulate on the surface of the filter. It lasts up to three years, based on 12 hours daily operation, and won't create secondary pollution--a common problem with conventional HEPA air cleaners.

In addition, this model comes with a washable charcoal-based activated carbon deodorization filter for the removal of odors, harmful gases, and chemicals.

Flu Prevention Capability

Using this air purifier helps protect your health and the health of your family. The Osaka Public Health Research Center in Japan found that the Rabbit Air's HEPA filter, which is coated with anti-influenza virus agent, effectively lowered the viral transmission of H3N2 influenza virus. For added peace of mind, this unit is able to trap airborne allergens and contaminants down to 0.3 microns in size 99.97 percent of the time, and features a Nano-Silver pre-filter to help kill airborne bacteria, mold, and viruses.

GPS Systems

A portable GPS system is a wonderful gift idea. Men particularly love to have these, as most men hate to ask for directions. If your boyfriend, husband or father does not yet have a GPS system, and if you can a gift of $150 or up, strongly consider this. Which GPS system to chose? You can read more here about GPS Systems.

A Bouquet of Flowers

Almost every woman loves to get flowers delivered. It is always a wonderful surprise to get a knock on the door and see a delivery person standing there with a box of freshly cut flowers. In some cases it is even more fun and more romantic to have them delivered to work, but do this only if you know the recipient well and know that they will appreciate it. See other Romantic Gift Ideas.

Everyone loves a Gift Basket

Gift baskets are fun to receive. There is such a great variety of items to taste and share. Get a quality gift basket and it will almost certainly be appreciated.

How To Wrap a Gift

Gift Wrapping Tips

  1. Recycle Gift Bags: Save undamaged gift bags that you or family members received with gifts and use them again.
  2. Use double-sided tape for a cleaner more professional look.
  3. If you do not have wrapping paper, colored, comic strip pages from Sunday newspapers or old comic books can be used.
  4. For added charm, tape some small items onto the wrapped package. A small candy cane, a piece of wrapped chocolate, or a perfume sample given out at the perfume counter of a department store can make the gift more enticing.
  5. Instead of using themed wrapping paper featuring Rudolf or Elves, buy solid red or gold wrapping paper or gift bags. Solid colored paper can be used year round for Valentine's Day, Birthdays, anniversaries or just about any event.
  6. Wrapping the gift first in colored tissue paper can make a gift look even more attractive. Again, buy standard gold, red or white colors which can be used in almost any season.
  7. Raffia or colored yarn, can be a more interesting and sometimes less expensive alternative to ribbon.
  8. Save gift wrap. Reuse the best looking gift wrap again. Shred the old, torn up gift wrap in the paper shredder to make attractive colorful packing paper.
  9. Dont throw away old shirts or other clothes. Some of them can be cut up and used to wrap gifts. Gift wrap from material is popular, attractive and is a good way to recycle. If done creatively a package with a zipper or buttons on the top can look great.
  10. Be creative: Find a bag or wrap that will 'go with' the item you are giving. For example, if you are bringing home a gift from a recent trip, consider using the in-flight air-sickness bag. If you are offering a gourmet food item, use a McDonalds take-away bag. If you are giving your husband a new sweater, wrap it in an old sweater you have hidden away. If you are giving your wife lingerie, wrap it in an old (clean) pair of boxer shorts!

Digital Picture Frames

Digital picture frames are wonderful presents for a loved one. If you fill it full of special photos before giving it as a gift, it is even more special.

For The Beer Drinker

If you know somone who is passionate about beer, this is a gift that they will enjoy. They can make their own beer for a fraction of the cost of buying beer. Read the Product Description:

Popcorn for the Gourmet Popcorn Lover

Gourmet Popcorn will make a celebration seem a bit more special. We offer the following recommendations for gourmet popcorn to go along with a Netflix Movie Rental

Movie Night Gift Basket

If you are organizing a movie night celebration, consider buying a gift basket to go with it. A gift basket will include all of the snacks and fun things you will need to make your movie night a hugh success. Just make sure you have enough for everyone.

How To Make A Bow

A Book From Oprah's Book Club

Oprah is well known for selecting quality books. If you are buying a present for an avid book reader, consider a book from Oprah's Book Club.

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      Tony Payne 7 years ago from Southampton, UK

      Great gift ideas. There must be something here for the person who is completely at loss for what to get someone.