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Give Him Or Her A Wedding Ring With A Special Message Inside

Updated on August 20, 2011

When you want to say "I LOVE YOU" in a very special way, there's no better way to say it than with a wedding ring with your own special message inside of the band.

I do feel that when you want to become engaged, and one day marry someone you should mean it, as well as be ready to commit to that special man or woman in your life. Many people today take marriage for granted, only to one day separate or get divorced over issues that could have been avoided by just having common respect for yourself, and the one you're married to.

I want this photo of my special "MESSAGE WEDDING RINGS" to mean something to anyone who is either married or is planning on getting engaged and married one day. Should you want to get a wedding ring that has a message inside of the band, feel free to contact me and let me know. These rings can be made in 14kt yellow or white gold, and you can select any of the messages you see in my photo here to go inside of the band of the wedding ring style you like.

Should you want to see an upclose photo of my "MESSAGE WEDDING RINGS" feel free to leave me your comments along with your email address, and i'll email the photo you see here to your attention so that you read the different messages I can have engraved inside the band of any of these wedding ring styles. You may also feel free to send me your private messages and I will contact you at my earliest convenience.

I also have "MOTHER'S RINGS" made for those of you want to celebrate motherhood in your own way, just let me know the birthstones you'd like to have in any of the mother's ring styles you see in my photo here, along with your ring finger size and the color of gold you'd like to wear.

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