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Give it up, Turn it Loose

Updated on September 9, 2009

When to Let Go!


When To Let Go When Dating: 7 Simple Signs


  1. When you frown more than you smile. You know it's bad when you think of you boyfriend/girlfriend and all you can do is play a reel in your head of all the things they did to upset you.
  2. When you stress more than you relax. You know it's bad when you realize you have changed into a different and uptight person since you have been with your boyfriend/girlfriend.
  3. When your mind is more troubled than at ease. You realize that you are not able to think clearly. You mind can not comprehend work or projects which should be easy to accomplish due to the fact that you are always frustrated.
  4. When it’s just not worth it anymore.  Who likes to put so much work into something with little payback.  It's like tending to a garden year around for one single tomato to grow in the summer.
  5. When people have moved on from you.  Let go when your boyfriend/girlfriend has decided not to put any further effort into your relationship or moving forward.
  6. When you are not getting what you give. Some people want 50/50 love or 100/100 love. You now realize your ratio is around 95/5.......I think you better let it go, looks like another love tko(technical knock out).  See Teddy Pendergrass
  7. When it’s just not a good situation any more.  When you are miserable and that feeling doesn't change at all over time.  Why be continously unhappy, upset, frustrated, sad or angry?

If it isn't worth it then let it go. If you are changing your personality and you are constantly frustrated and angry you have no choice but to let it go and go shopping for something new! 



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