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Giving Friends Advice

Updated on March 1, 2013

Friendship is probably one of the most important relationships in our life. We are there for each other as friends and if it is a good, honest friendship then it is one where it is valued and we are there for each other. But when you see that your friend is making a bad decision in their life there are always two questions that one should always ask, should I tell them or should I just not tell them and they can learn the lessons for themselves.

Recently, there is a friend of mine that decided to get married with someone who everyone told him not to get married to, however he didn't listen. Now he is probably going to be paying for the mistake that he made. But this is only one situation. Our friends can be making the wrong choices, not only in marriage but also in other decisions in their life.

The thing that matters the most should be that we are there for each other whether it is good and bad. I know that they say we should be honest with what we think but if they don't plan to listen because they think that they are right, that is when it comes to the part of rethinking if we should just let them continue and realize that they have to learn from their experience.

If you see that your friend is going through something, what do you think is the best thing to do? Does it depend on the situation or decision that they are making?


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