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Go Ahead, Hate The Sinner - Forty-Something Gay ep. 41

Updated on May 8, 2011

When Rosie O’Donnell started doing video blogs my mother decided I needed to do video blogs. While my mother does not control all of my actions (at forty-something) when she’s right, she’s right. And so I began to wonder what I could say on a video that needed to been seen and not just read as my blogs were on my website. What perspective could I give that perhaps others share and some don’t even understand? Well, all I had going for me was that I had lived forty-something years and I was a gay man. Hmmmm, that’s it! And thus the Forty-Something Gay video blog was born! I hope you enjoy this one and all the installments which are available on YouTube!

Forty-Something Gay, episode 41 - Hate The Sinner! - I'm so tired of the phrase, "I hate the sin not the sinner." It's not really true, these people really do hate us supposed sinners but they're just not strong enough in their own identity to say it when their religious leader tells them it's not nice. Well, this homosexual is giving you may now hate the sinner!


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    • MrLondounSkye profile image

      MrLondounSkye 8 years ago from Smallville, VA

      not a forty something gay but definitely a FAN!!!

    • starrkissed profile image

      starrkissed 9 years ago from Arizona

      Haha another great video! Well put! I don't understand that either - "Oh, you're fine, but WHAT YOU DO behind closed doors is not"... because that's their business, right? *eye roll*

      I really don't understand people like that, at all.