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Goals For New Year

Updated on December 12, 2012

I already know one goal

It is to stay away from trouble lol. I have recently been friends with some one who is somewhat shady. I do not know much about him. Suddenly I ignore him and he bugs me and I cannot get many things done. I like him as a person yes but we often get into arguments. Not good. So I guess I am trying to sort things out. I want to meet a nice guy. I do not get how this guy sees money signs and I ignore it. I like being with him, but my self esteem and worth is not right. I know I deserve better. I talk to another guy someone who has a job and does not make me feel like I am not good enough. I do not get guy #1 he acts like i am not good enough when it is really the other way around as I have education and have had experience as a health worker. So I guess I am not pretty enough for him. I do not know maybe he is just sllightly conceited. Guy #2 is a real catch he treats me better. I think i deserve that.

Anyway that is all my article says tonight. I am simply exhausted by fast talking people. I gave my phone # to guy #2 as he is much nicer and treats me with respect.

That is my issue right now.


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