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God Answered My Love Prayer Through Cyberspace

Updated on February 12, 2011

I have been in too much heartaches in my life. Falling in and out of love from one relationship to another and it comes to a point that you get so tired of starting all over again. One day, I kneel before HIM and prayed so hard while my tears are falling down on my cheeks. I said, “God, give me a sign for the right person who will come into my life who will love me and I love back. Someone who can accept me for who I am and what I am. I am tired of trusting someone and in the end they will just hurt me.”

And God is good. He knows the right time He will answer your prayers.

It was one morning when I was being tied up running around in the three (3) underground portals where I am in-charge to make their accomplishment report and doing the inventory of the materials underground when I decided to sit in front of my computer and then suddenly a message window pop up in my screen. I was in a bad mood to reply and roughly ask him who the hell he is and where did he get my messenger ID?

but he was kind enough to say sorry for the disturbance he made and introduce himself. He wants me to help him to find a site or a down loader apps for a SITTI ALBUM. I said, am sorry but I am busy but if you can wait maybe I can help you.. ANd then suddenly, the people in my work area began shouting and running.. The handheld radios are broadcasting so loud that a landslide occur near the place I am renting.. and lots of people and houses were buried in the mud flow.

He asked me If I am still there and I said in a shaky voice " I am not fine, there is an avalanche in the area where I lived" He comforted and talk to me like we have known each other for so long. From then on, everyday he waited for me to finish my job and on my free time we talk on voice or on chat. And almost a month of courtship, I finally gave my YES by merely saying "Lets try if we can work things out"

We finally see each other in person after two (2) long years. It was a wonderful day of my life to see the guy I fell in love with in the other side of the window..

Now we are in our fourth year.. things have been good and we know each other well..

Now I can say That GOD had answered my Love Prayer through Cyberspace..


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