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God I Needed Her More | Cancer Awareness

Updated on October 2, 2011
Zena 29 Oct 1959 - 15 Oct 2005 A Hero
Zena 29 Oct 1959 - 15 Oct 2005 A Hero

God - I needed her more than you..

God our father almighty

Maker of heaven and earth,

Hear my prayer….

It is now five years and a fortnight since you called her to Christ’s sweet embrace,

She would have been 51 today,,,

You were merciful and swift in the final act,

and I often thank you for that fact,

Through our faith in you we saw it through

And lived each day like it would be our last.

For so many years we understood

the fundamental truth of I love you.

23 years 10 months and 9 days

we shared our covenant with you.

Not on our sleeve

but in the way we lived,

Not always right in our decisions

but always made in good faith.

Not always side by side, (We knew our duty)

but always together in mind and heart.

But please hear this prayer dear God of mine;

I understand not why your need for her spirit

was greater than mine;

Is she making a difference in heaven above?

Is she doing her Welcome Home Stew for the troops when they arrive?

Is she giving her smile to those who need it?

Are she and Johnny and Dad raising a bit of Hell at the club?

Can she look down upon us and still feel our love?

Please give me some answers dear God of mine.

Please tell me sir please

What did you need that she didn’t give you here?

Was it her smile, that lit rooms and everyones face?

Was it the twinkle in her eye when her garden did grow?

Was it the hugs she did give to all that she knew?

Was it the warmth of her love that you needed up there?

Please answer me God,

Please hear this prayer.

To divine providence I have faithfully bowed,

Please give me some answers I do need them now…

You have so much there in heaven

I’m sure that its grand

I still need her more here if just to hold my hand.

Or a kiss on a summers eve,

a hug in a deep winters night.

I need her advice every day that I wake

To know what she thinks about this or that.

I need the words that she always spoke

When home from work or when off I’d go.

So tell me this once Lord

I’ll not ask again

Do with me what you will Lord;

In faith I will stand.

Just please let me know she is happy up there

And why did you need her so soon up there?


Cancer in all its forms is a hideous disease. This is Breast Cancer awareness month, give to the organization of your choice, but do please take a moment to give, God Bless each and everyone who reads this.

I know Pink is the Brest Cancer color, Zena had two lumpectomies in her life but ended up with Polycythemia vera a blood cancer/ Bone Marrow disease that is very rare in young women. There is no research or fight for a cure going on with this one so I know Zena would have been on top of this effort for breast cancer and cancer in general.


A special Note,

Dan, Janie, Doris, and Sue I know this is a tough day for all of you too, God Bless and have faith we will with Gods help be together with her one day.


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