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God Must Have Chuckled.

Updated on October 8, 2009

God Must Have Chuckled!!


God must have chuckled
when he made my features
a couple of guffaws
at his latest of creatures.

I'm sure Gabriel giggled
as God sculpted my face
perhaps there were tools
that his angels misplaced.

Could this cleft in my chin
that my mom called a dimple
have been the result
of bad aim while God struggled,
on a Monday I'm sure
to form my belly button.

Course he gave me an innie
but did he unaware
poke one more on my chinny
oh, so devil-may-care.

Kirk Douglas was one thing
God put him in the movies
but "I" never got casted
because my chin was groovy.

I've studied the bronze Gods
all muscle and mass
with faces like artwork,
bulging pecs, and tight ass,

with steely blue eyes
curly blond hair, dark tans
that most women drool over
their perfect dream man.

Then I study the mirror
viewing God's sense of humour
it's a fairly good face
void of acne..or tumours.

With hazel green eyes
full of depth and awareness
and a very strong jaw
Thank you God in all fairness.

But the nose is quite native
maybe Blackfoot, or Sioux
and the hair is so curly
there's not much I can do.

Sure my lips are quite nice
with a great cupids bow
but my ears they don't match
one is bigger you know.

My eyebrows at least
don't meet over my face
that Neanderthal look
now extinct from this place.

The rest of my body
has done me quite well
down below my thin waist
you were generous as hell.

Though I'm really quite happy
with gender, and race
but next time around
take more time on my face!!

I'll give you all the glory
and I'll spend less time grooming
If you don't start off laughing...



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