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Going With an Artificial Wedding Bouquet

Updated on June 22, 2011

Looking at things from the perspective of the bride, the wedding bouquet can take on various functions. One thing for certain, the look has to exceptional; plus it has to able to fit exactly into the wedding theme. And most important to the bride, the bouquet has to make her look extravagant, awe-inspiring and remarkable. Most professional wedding planners would recommend spending no more than 20% of your budget on your wedding flower bouquet. But if you’ve ever planned a wedding, it’s like going grocery shopping; you always spend more than you expected. It’s fair to say that most costs of weddings are known for spiralling out of control.

There are ways in which people can get control of their costs of weddings, and one way is to have your wedding bouquet created yourself. Purchasing flowers from a florist can get pretty expensive at times, so this ideal can be greeted warmly into the fold of things. All it takes is a little craftsmanship and a will to achieve and you’ll be kissing that florist goodbye.

Another way to control the cost of weddings may not be a fan favourite but it’s a lot cheaper and wouldn’t hurt the theme at all; and that is, use artificial flowers as a replacement for the real ones. As mentioned, they are a lot cheaper; especially the silk ones. Artificial flowers also have other hidden advantages that would keep money in your pocketbook. First and foremost, the silk wedding bouquets won’t wilt and they can be used over and over again for wedding keepsake. Plus you never know who’s going to attend the wedding that may have allergies. Therefore, a specially designed artificial wedding bouquets crafted by your own hands with artificial flowers could have tremendous benefits. A silk wedding bouquet tends to be cheaper as well which can help control costs.

There was a time when the most sought after wedding bouquets were the ones that were white based, especially the cream or ivory colours, they were the most used in wedding. Now it’s not unusual to witness bolder colours as opposed to the traditional white based wedding bouquets from past years. This is another advantage that creeps up on you with the use of artificial flowers because they can be found in an array of colours, unlike natural flowers.

And of course the most obvious advantage of using artificial flowers as a wedding bouquet is that they are seasonal. When choosing artificial wedding flower bouquets you can basically let your spirit run free in selection.


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    • profile image

      Wind chime girl 8 years ago

      Great article! I know the stress you go through during a wedding and it can be much less stressful when you can save some money and still get quality.