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Going to the Symphony - Saint Louis Symphony at Powell Hall

Updated on February 15, 2012

Going to the Symphony at Powell Hall in Saint Louis

Our family had the tremendous privilege of going to the symphony this last weekend. It was a kind of early Valentine's Day present, and it was a wonderful time! The focus of the evening was on Disney's classic movie songs. We have all seen many of the Disney classics over time, and even some of the new. If you are a fan of any of the music from Disney, you would love this concert.

As for Powell Hall, there are red carpets and rounding staircases inside. There is beautiful woodwork everywhere, and red velvet on all the handrails of the different staircases. There are multiple places to get drinks and nice snacks like cheesecakes, cheese and crackers, wines, sodas and all kinds of other drinks. On this particular night they had some fun different alcoholic drinks to help follow the theme of Pirates of the Caribbean. It was really a fun atmosphere. It makes for a perfect night out.

The inside of the hall itself where you spend most of your time is even more grand than the open lobby area. I thoroughly enjoyed even just looking up at the ceilings. I wish I could have taken pictures to show you.


Let me start by introducing the conductor, Ward Stare. Ward is an amazing conductor, and I had seen him one time before during the Christmas season when my older son sang with the St. Louis Symphony. It was an astounding event. Our sons were there with us this time as well, and the one who had been in the choir before, said he is even more fun to watch from the side of the orchestra. He just so enjoys what he is doing, and you can tell. I love to see that in a conductor.

The four amazing vocalists of the evening were Candice Nicole, Whitney Clare, Andrew Johnson, and Aaron Phillips. I can tell you without any hesitation that they did an amazing job. When I left I said, "Wow, that was very fun, more fun than I thought it would be!" I need to add to that, that I thought it would be fun and enjoyable! So it indeed exceeded my expectations. I think a great part of that is due to the vocalists. They did a wonderful job and were incredibly enthusiastic and having a lot of fun.

Songs Played by the Orchestra

The songs had to be hard to pick, as there are just so many amazing songs to choose from. One of the things I loved most about the assortment was that they chose from long ago, to some that came out just a few years ago. So the range was large in that sense.

Act I

First, was an amazing Disney Classics Overture. This alone covered many many movies.

Next, was The Little Mermaid, an orchestral suite. It was made up of many of the songs from that movie of course. It was lovely.

Then they played "Colors of the Wind" from Pocahontas.

Next, was my favorite I think, Beauty and the Beast, with another orchestral suite. I absolutely loved it!

The Jungle Book was featured next, with, "I wanna be like you." It was just wonderful, and you couldn't help but keep on smiling.

The last they performed before the intermission was a great Mary Poppins Medley. This was so fun, including much of the original artwork from the makings of the movie.


Act II

Another orchestral suite from the movie Hunchback of Notre Dame.

One of our favorites was next, Aladdin, another orchestral suite as well. All of us just loved this and the video they played along with it.

One of the most interesting and fascinating parts of the night was when they did songs from the Pirates of the Caribbean. This was so interesting, as I have only seen those movies a couple of times, but the songs still sounded new to me. They were just wonderful and so complex.

One of the most touching, and I admit it brought tears to my eyes, was the Lion King Song Suite. I forget how deep and intense and really passionate that music is! It was the perfect set, and had a lot of original artwork there as well.

Lastly, was a perfect song, "It's a Small World." We all were encouraged to be a part at different points. I absolutely loved it.

Walt Disney has left an interesting legacy behind for all of us to continue to enjoy. I have been missing Disneyland, as I grew up not too far from there as a child. Disneyland and Disney World are of course, super magical places. Even when you cannot get to one of those places however, it is a joy to still experience the movies and music that come from Disney.

I am so thankful to have been able to go. The Saint Louis Symphony in Missouri has impressed me very much, twice now. I hope to get to go again. We were blessed with being able to get half price tickets, but I would have tried to go even if we paid full price, they are just that good and worth it.

I hope that the musicians, director and vocalists all enjoyed it as much as they appeared to be enjoying it. What a treat of a night! The perfect way to spend a Valentine's Date with that special someone or the whole family.

Powell Hall of course, is quickly becoming a favorite place as well. It is absolutely gorgeous inside the hall, and being downtown with the cathedrals and older buildings was a treat in itself.

Powell Hall in Saint Louis, Missouri - (314) 533-2500

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