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Gold Digging Ain't Easy!

Updated on June 18, 2013

Volume XIV

Girls think gold digging is about getting what you want, but women understand that gold digging is more about what you have to do to get what you want. I’ll explain later, but just know that; while definitely rewarding, gold digging ain't easy.

Strangely as it may sound, if I didn't love my wife I would never allow her to take care of me like she does. In my opinion, to take from someone you do not care about creates bad karma because you are using that person. Since I love my wife, I strive to make her happy also. We simply require different things to make us happy. For instance, yesterday I bought a $200 dress, $150 pair of shoes and $100 worth of accessories. But before I did all this, at 5 AM I reluctantly, yet with a smile, prepared a breakfast sandwich for my wife before she went to work. I was glowing yesterday as I went shopping for the first time in Saks Fifth Avenue and even more so when I laid that dress on the counter without a mere glance at the price tag. And she was glowing yesterday when she told me of how she boasted about her wife to her coworkers who looked on with green eyes. Yesterday, both of us got what we wanted, and we both had to work for it.

Loving her also allows me to share in the lows as well as the highs. We haven't always enjoyed this measure of success. I can recall walking ten miles to work in the bitter cold of November in North Carolina because the only car we had, had been repossessed and frankly we couldn't afford to lose that money. Almost every day for an entire month we ate chicken and rice together so that we could have the money to go pick up her son from her mother, who graciously kept him for a month while we got settled in a new state. There were days that my last few dollars went to buy her son a Happy Meal that I watched him eat and hoped he wouldn't finish so I could get at least a fry. As a matter of fact, it was just four years ago that I was so close to walking away, but I couldn't leave her without the assurance that she could sustain herself as she was not working at the time.

Gold digging is a game of patience. Before I endured a lot of the hardships I assessed my wife's character. I always knew that she would be successful. I also could tell that when she became successful she would not forget about the woman who held it down for her and the woman who would do it all again. Some people will tell you not to bet on the potential, meaning the potential of your mate to be successful or rich or famous, but bet on the reality because you may be waiting a long time on something that may never happen. I say those who don't invest in potential but only look for actual are the ones with a prenup and the patient others walk away with half the estate.

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