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10 Good Birthday Gifts for Women

Updated on January 26, 2011

A lot of men mistakenly believe that women want big, expensive gifts for their birthdays. While it's true that the latest Happy Meal toy probably isn't going to appeal, only a golddigger concerns herself with the price tag. Yes, if you bring home a box of chocolate you bought on clearance at Texaco, your woman is probably going to be well annoyed -- but it's not because the gift is cheap, it's because you are.

You see, it's not what you give us, it's how you give it. More specifically, it's how much you want to give it. Are you giving us something because you want to, or because you feel obligated? Cos we can tell, you know. We really can. I'd rather get a handmade birthday card and handpicked flowers, than have someone email me a $500 gift certificate to a spa, and text me to say have a good time. The best birthday gift is the one you give because you adore us that much. The following are a few gift giving ideas for the woman in your life -- and don't forget to get her a nice card!

1. Cake

Even if she's on a nonstop diet, she will love that you thought of this. Don't forget to put candles on it. I have always wanted a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake, or one from Carvel! Cupcakes are a good alternative if cake is not an option.

2. Flowers

Women love flowers, simple as. Find out what her favorite flower is and pick her up a few. Or, get out there and handpick a bunch yourself -- you've no idea how absolutely endearing it is to do this. Even the most ridiculous feminist will love you for this.

3. Dinner and a movie

Does she have a favorite restaurant? Take her to it! Or, if you need to save a bit of money, invite her to your place and cook dinner yourself. Even if you're not a brilliant cook, she will be very flattered that you wanted to make the effort. Afterward, go to the movies, or stay in and watch a DVD.

4. Massage

Hire someone to give her a nice long massage. There are so many massage therapists around, just check the internet listings. Or, if you need to save money, give her one yourself! Don't forget to set the mood with candles, music and aromatherapy. Give her a fabulous massage she'll think you're the best man on Earth.

5. Take her to a formal event.

Get tickets to the opera, symphony, ballet or a play. Even if you're a jeans and sneaker people, getting dressed up once a year for a lovely night out is always fun.

6. Take her on a picnic.

You can either make your own sandwiches and the like, or you can go to your local deli and have them make them for you. Find a nice park or beach and set up an old fashioned picnic!

7. Make her something.

Are you an artist? A photographer? Painter? Wood-craftsman? She'd be delighted if you made something special, just for her. Regardless of how much it cost to make, the sentimental value will be enormous.

8. Schedule her a manicure or pedicure or both.

Even girls like me who don't have long nails love to go the manicurist and get them done. And pedicures? OMG, heaven. But most women don't treat themselves to these things very often, even though they aren't necessarily expensive. If you schedule her an appointment at the local beauty salon, you will be the man for many a day.

9. Perfume

If you don't know what type of perfume she wears, find out and then get her some. Or, if you'd like to give her something new, pop down to the local Sephora and find one that you love. Tell her how much you like the scent and she's sure to wear it. My personal recommendations are here.

10. Bubble bath and other luxury bath items.

99.9% of women love girlie bath stuff, and most of us will be happy with anything frou-frou. Bubble bath, bath bars, jelly soaps, creams, exfoliators, etc. etc. Get a small wicker basket, stuff it will girlie stuff (these things are not uber expensive at places like Sephora) wrap it up and there you go!


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