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Good Parents say 'Yes' and 'No'

Updated on April 18, 2010



Children of Good Parents Never Fail in their Lives

Parents are the life givers and life guides for the children. They also have an important part in bringing the soul into this material world whether for good or bad. Parents are the light of the children in their life. They have the duty to teach them what they could and also have the obligation to teach them the right path to live in this world. Children look upon their parents as their guides in their Parents initial stages and they tend to imitate their parents in whatever manner they could so that they try to express themselves that they are a good child by just doing what their parents do.

We have to be very careful in what we do in front of the children, because it will have a lasting effect on them. Children start to  learn to recognize the voice of their mother even when they are in their  mother’s womb. They then slowly try to learn whatever their mother transfers to them emotionally. That’s why doctors say that pregnant women should not watch horror, emotional and violent movies because of its impression on the child in the womb. Sometimes it would have a permanent effect on its character. In India, one mother used to read  “Thirukural” which was written by a sage called “Thiruvalluvar” , 2000 years ago. There are about 1330 rhyming couplets or aphorisms written by him. This particular mother used to read this regularly when she was pregnant. In  fact she memorized all of them before her delivery of a girl.  After a few years  , the parents started to notice that their daughter was absorbing quickly when  the mother was reciting the “Thirukural”. And they slowly started to teach her one by one and by the age of four, to everyone’s surprise the girl started to recite all the 1330 couplets. This is an extraordinary feat for a four  year old child. This was purely because it was already used to the reciting of her mother even when she was in the womb.

This is a small example how we, parents can be the source of strength, knowledge and an example to our kids. Being a parent is not an ordinary job. All parents agree to this fact. Being a parent not only increases our responsibility but also it brings a meaning to our lives. Just think if there is no necessity for the parents to bring up their child what will happen to our system. Of course we will be like the  animals, which bears its offspring for the cause of evolution and nothing else.

The mother, rather than the father plays an important role in the Childs life. Every manners the child is developing is because of its mother. A good mother is one who gives the good things and strictly refuses whatever is bad to the child. Never ever be lenient in cases of character building and relationship maintaining. The moral qualities is the base for their life building activities. They should be taught to respect others and in a sense show them how it is important that we should respect other peoples thinking and consider all as equals.

The father, on his part should teach him to be physically fit and mentally strong in all matters. He should also teach him how to behave in a strange or difficult situation without affecting others . The father knows perfectly well what is good for his child than the mother because in most cases the father has a practical experience of this world and never a father would want his child to go all through the bad or worst things which he had already gone through.

The child, has to be taught how important their parents are . And at any circumstances they should never even think of betraying their parents or leave them in the lurch. They should be taught the value of their parents, if not many old age homes will have to constructed . Sadly that is the present situation where we can see many old aged parents after giving whatever they had to their children, they were chased out or left in the homes unkindly.

Parents, should be the role model for their children and they should not only be kind and loving towards them, but also be strict wherever necessary and earn their respect . Children of good parents never fail in their lives.



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    • harshivasu profile image

      harshivasu 7 years ago

      Realy This is very good, and also very usefull for all parents.

    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      terrific right on hub thanks God speed

    • Missi Darnell profile image

      Missi Darnell 7 years ago from Southern California

      Wonderful hub... as a mother I can only hope that I've done a "good job", most days I've done my best and again hope it is good enough. Excellent advice on this hub.