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Good People vs Bad People

Updated on June 1, 2013

In this world, we are all different. We are each different in the way we act, our character, and even our personality. Then we see how life treats each of us as the years go by, some of us are happy because we have gotten our way in the best manner possible and others have used bad, evil, and manipulative ways to get what they want.

Going to church and work and even school, we face different people each day and somehow every person has a different way to get what they want, whether it is by manipulation or even through good deeds. It is hard to see from a distance when someone who doesn't have a good personality and they seem to always find ways somehow get the attention of the people that don't deserve them. This does not only happen in marriages, and in work or social situations, but also among the many friendships that we have. Somehow there is always one person or even a few people who can easily trick someone or even a group of people in believing that they have good intentions when in reality they don't.

Do good people finish last all the time? Is it like a soap opera where the protagonist seems to find their way in life and be happy, then the villain comes into their life and make it miserable to the point where they finally get what they want by manipulating certain people? Soap operas may not be real life but some aspects of it can be true in someones life.

Life isn't always fair to everyone even when we want it to be. Maybe as a person who prefers to be good to others and put others first sometimes depending on the situation; we should think of ourselves sometimes see if we can finally get the happiness that we have always wanted. How can we stand on the side and see those people who don't mean to do any good just get what they want even it isn't always correct.


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    • Dancilla profile image

      Priscilla 4 years ago from El Paso

      I think that evil is always around somehow whether we like it or not.

    • who-is-william profile image

      who-is-william 4 years ago

      I'm good, evil is just around me all the time, everywhere I go.