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Gorgeous Moissanite White Gold Wedding Rings And Bands-k

Updated on February 21, 2011

Gorgeous Moissanite White Gold Wedding Rings glimmer with devotion and commitment.

Priced with kindness these everlasting wedding engagement and wedding bands bring out the glowing shine on the faces of a loving bride.

A new bride to be will feel the warmth with one of these nicely fitted rings with a moissanite diamond or diamonds to wear around her petite ring finger.

Moissanite diamond rings are so popular today that many jewelry owners have also added a large collection of fine moissanite bracelets and moissanite earrings to their jewelry cases.

At a considerable savings in price Moissanite diamonds feature the same quality, strength and toughness but with more fire and brilliance than traditional diamond jewelry.

"A jewel born from the stars™....... and perfected on Earth" Charles and Colvard

Moissanite Created By Charles and Colvard

Moissanite jewelry is created by Charles and Colvard. The company stands behind the promise that your moissanite jewel will be a timeless treasure.

Discovered more than 100 years ago the silicon carbide was taken from an Arizona meteor and with the use of advanced technology created the moissanite jewel.

This is how the transformation of the fire and brilliance moissanite synthetic diamond began its process.

The moissanite diamond has become successfully popular equivalent to that of other gemstones and diamonds today.

Moissanite is harder than regular gemstones like ruby and sapphires however the diamond is superior in hardness to that of "A jewel born from the stars™" and the cost of a diamond is comparable as suggested in the price.

14k white gold moissanite rings radiate a superior passion that is called the "fire and brilliance" that so many cherish.

The collection of moissanite engagement rings and wedding bands make for choosing the right style an easy choice and will bring countless years of happiness to a loving bride forever.


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