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Romantic Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Updated on June 14, 2016
Candle Decoration
Lantern Decoration
Lighting Decoration
Flower Decoration

For the bride and groom, a wedding is all about the ceremony – with the exchanging of vows and “I do." For most of your family and friends, the real wedding starts right after the ceremony: the wedding reception. The wedding reception is when family and friends gather together to eat, drink and be merry in celebration of the newlyweds. As for the bride and groom, the wedding reception gives the new Mr. and Mrs. a time to relax and have fun!

Moving from the wedding ceremony to wedding reception can lose it's romantic charm. Keep the romance churning by planning an elegant and romantic wedding reception. Inspired by the video below, here are 4 wedding decoration essentials to make sure you capture that romantic ambiance:

Wedding Reception Decor Ideas

Candles and Candle Holders

Continue your whimsical fairy tale at your wedding reception with candles that can light the moments that all brides dream about! There is nothing more romantic than a room filled with lit candles. Create an intimate atmosphere by adorning guest tables with various candles -- from little tea light to heart-shaped candles.

Candle holders come in all shapes and sizes! From circular to flower shaped, find a candle holder that fits your wedding theme. Adorn wedding tables or make the candles holder the focal point by making a candle centerpiece surrounded by flowers.

For a creative touch, try adding water into a tall clear candle holder and place a small floating tea light holders -- there's just something magical and whimsical about dancing flame afloat water. You can also insert decorative pieces such as flowers and have the candle sit atop.

Photo from: Colin Cowie Weddings
Photo from: Colin Cowie Weddings
Flower candle holder from Kate Aspen
Flower candle holder from Kate Aspen

Lighting Arrangement

Lighting sets the stage for romance! From candles to string lighting – all these can create that romantic and intimate ambiance that you’re aiming for. When well done, lighting can make everything look better.

When choosing your glow, consult with an expert lighting designer to get the best lighting. Lighting may vary depending on the venue you choose. You can also have a lighting specialist create a special glow for your first dance.

For a better understanding of how the lighting will look at your wedding reception, visit the venue the same time you'll be having your party. If planning an in-door event, walk around the venue and see what kind of lighting you want to add to convey the ambiance you're going for. For an outdoor event, visit after dark to help you figure out what need to be illuminated for guest's safety and what kind of lighting can set a romantic vibe.

For those on a budget, Christmas lights are also a great alternative for lighting. Hang them from the ceiling and let them drop down to the floor to create a romantic and elegant light garland backdrop. You can also add sheer fabric to create a more softer feel.

Photo from Wedding Party
Photo from Wedding Party


Lanterns are a popular choice when it comes to wedding decorations. Lanterns come in all shapes and sizes, as well as made for all sorts of material. From paper to metal to large circle to tiny rectangular lanterns -- figure out which ones will match your wedding theme.

Create a magical and memorable night by stringing paper lanterns with little light in them across the hall. The soft light if paper luminaries will definitely set a romantic mood.

In addition to lanterns strung across the ceiling frame, they can also be get centerpieces at wedding tables. Light a tea light and place into the lantern for an intimate and cozy atmosphere for your guests.

Photo from: Destination Wedding Details
Photo from: Destination Wedding Details
White Lantern from Wedding Star
White Lantern from Wedding Star


Every flower carriers its own special meaning – from deep red roses to whimsical white daisies

  • Naturally, the red rose is associated with romance and has been for centuries. With a rose, you can choose to have a large arrangement for the centerpiece or place a single stem on each guest’s plate as a favor
  • Carnation is a favorite wedding flower due to their long lifespan and also because they translate the romantic emotion towards your significant other
  • Tulips, especially red tulips, represent the idea of a perfect love
  • Orchids have multiple meanings of love, seduction and beauty.
  • Cheerful sunflowers mean loyalty in the language of love. These gorgeous flowers signify how your love for one another has grown throughout the year.

Flowers can also be placed on the side of guest's chairs, adorn guest and dessert tables, or just any place that seems fitting.

Photo from: Junebug Weddings
Photo from: Junebug Weddings
Fabric Laced Flowers from HotRef
Fabric Laced Flowers from HotRef

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