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Gotta Love Friends...

Updated on October 23, 2012

How to Know you Have the Right Friends...

I've gone through three or four "groups" of friends in my lifetime. It's a short lifetime, so far, but I think the friendships made in high school and college are the ones that will stick with you. So far, my high school friends have been the ones I can always count on. Here are a few steps to show if you've got the right friends...

1) Do they show up at your house for trick-or-treating? In July?

- Okay, so this is a little crazy, but you know what I mean. Do you all have fun traditions you do together, where it's just fun...and a little crazy. If you told your acquaintance from work what you did with your BFFs last night, would they roll their eyes, laugh and walk away? If so, you have a fun group! If you're having fun in a safe way, go ahead and enjoy it! I know I always do.

2) Do you trust them?

- Trust is a huge deal, not just in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. If you're afraid to breathe one word of your awkward first date with the cute boy from psych, then you don't have the right friends. I know that I'm a complete spaz when I get excited about something. I run to my phone and text my two best friends and they always say the right things. Don't sell yourself short! You deserve to have a group of people who will listen to you and give advice. Worrying about whether or not your "friends" will judge you is no way to spend life.

3) Can you be honest with each other?

- If you need some time alone, can you tell your friend to get the heck off your couch and leave you be? Maybe not in those words, but communication is important in a friendship. If you can tell your best friends how you're feeling without the fear of hurt feelings, you have winners in your circle.

This covers the three basic guidelines for good friends, at least in my opinion. If you and your girlfriends (or guy friends) can be honest with each other, trust each other and have a blast together, keep 'em around.


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