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Great Summer Date Ideas in Westchester

Updated on July 20, 2015

Do you live in Westchester and want to go somewhere nice with that special someone on a date night? Here are some nice places to try.

1) Pier Resturant and Tiki Bar in Rye, NY. It over looks the water. The prices could be expensive but it is worth it. You could eat inside the resturant or outside if you want. The bar is huge. There is music if you want to have a night out dancing.

2) Seaside Johnny's in Rye, NY. It is also located in Rye. It overlooks the beach. It is more of a resturant. There is no music or dancing but it is great for a night out.

3) Half Moon in Dobbs Ferry, NY. On Sunday's there is music but people still go on Friday and Saturday nights. Just like the tiki bar in Rye the prices are expensive but it is worth it. They just remodeled the bar and it now there is more seating avaliable.

4) 701 in Piermont, NY. It is another outdoor place which overlooks the water. It is great for a nice night out.

5) Lake Isle Mulino's in Scarsdale,NY. You could sit inside the resturant or outside. The food is expensive but it is defenitly worth it.

6) Rye Beach in Rye. Spend the day with your guy at the beach. Lay down in the sun, go for a dip in the water or challenge each other to a game of Volleyball.

7) Lake Isle late night swim in Scarsdale, NY. Every Friday night Lake Isle has late night swim. You could still get food by the snack bar and the pools stay open late.

8) A game of Tennis at Leewood Tennis Courts. Challenge your guy to a game of Tennis and show off your competive skills.

9) A walk in the park. Visit your nearest park and spend the day walking around having deep and meaningful conversations.

10) a picnic in the park. Spend the day having a picnic in the park with your guy. Have a fun day out.

There are plenty of fun things to do in the summer with your guy. Summer is still here so when it is time to go on a date suggest something fun to do he will love you for it.


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