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Green Wedding Favors – Five Environmentally Friendly Ideas to Green your Wedding

Updated on February 3, 2010

Green weddings are becoming more and more popular as more people are becoming environmentally aware and socially conscious. There are three main things that comprise the cornerstone of a green wedding: finding a location that is energy efficient and has low impact amenities, buying conflict free wedding rings, and providing green wedding favors. Of course there are numerous other things you can do to help improve the environmentalism of your wedding and every little bit helps. If you’re thinking about throwing a green wedding this year, check out these ideas for green wedding favors.

1. Evergreen Saplings – One way to not only show you care about the environment but also actually do something about it is by providing pine tree saplings as wedding favors. These saplings are fairly inexpensive about $1-2 per tree. Your guests can plant them and have a memory of your wedding for years to come, all while the trees suck down carbon dioxide and provide oxygen. The success rate of planting is greater than 50% and this can be vastly improved if you were to include instructions on planting the tree first into a pot or bucket and letting it grow before planting it in the ground.

2. Personalized shopping bags – This idea taps into the whole movement to get rid of plastic shopping bags for grocery and other store use.  These bags are fairly inexpensive and provide a simple yet symbolic gesture that can tie into your green wedding theme.

3. Organic or fair trade favors – Some ideas for organic and fair trade wedding favors include things such as chocolate or coffee beans.  Many of these products support organizations that help build sustainable and fair wage practices around the world.  So not only are you doing something that’s good for the environment now but you’re helping to support a sustainable framework for the future.

4. Grow your own herbs – A lower cost option is to grow your own herbs and spices and provide them in a decorative bag.  You can include the typical popular spices such as oregano, basil, sage, thyme, etc. or you could go for a tea blend that has mint and chamomile.  These work on two levels as well, they are grown locally (most likely your own backyard) and they promote cooking at home which itself is an energy saving activity.

5. Handmade products such as candles or soap – in the same category as growing your wedding favor, you can also craft your wedding favor.  There are tons of easy craft projects ranging from simple to involved and can really wow your guests.  There are a handful of crafts that are fairly easy to learn quickly if you don’t know how already – candle making, soap making, cheese making, coffee roasting, home brewing, mead or wine making (will require 6+ months), candy or chocolate making.

Whichever green wedding gift you choose there are a ton of great references on the web that can help you get ideas or just find affordable green wedding favors.  With a little bit of homework you should be able to find the perfect wedding favor for your party and your budget.

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    • TheWeddingSecret profile image

      TheWeddingSecret 7 years ago from Bath, UK

      Great advice here, I've been given handmade soap at a wedding before, it was lovely

    • profile image

      Chelsea 8 years ago

      Some of my favorite wedding favors are seed packets. What guest wouldn’t want an eco-friendly wedding favor that actually makes a difference in their garden or yard? They’re easy to personalize [for the bride and groom who want their name on them] and useful for the guests. No trip to the Salvation Army to drop off an item you won’t use! I found some cute ones at Creative Wedding Favors that I used at my wedding.