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Green Weddings: Earth Friendly Wedding Planning

Updated on August 24, 2015

Planning a wedding can be amazing but it can also be amazingly tough on the environment. Today, more and more brides and grooms are looking for ways to really liven up the events but keep it environmentally safe at the same time. With that in mind, consider how you will plan your wedding. Can you make simple changes throughout the wedding to enhance how Earth friendly it is? You do not have to give up anything in terms of style or class to add a bit of green to your wedding. Most importantly, you will be doing quite a bit to give back to the Earth and to keep from making it a worse place to live.

Sure, you may not be thinking about how earth friendly your wedding is. You may instead be considering just how fun, stylish and elaborate it can be. Even though you would like to have a great looking wedding (and you can) you may want to see if there is anything that you can do that would offer a bit more of a green theme to it. Here are some suggestions, tips and methods to make it Earth Friendly!

Green Weddings: A New Trend

Green weddings, as they are often referred to are great events that have all of the glamour and glitz that you will find in any other wedding scenario. The key is that they use responsible products and services at the wedding that are environmentally friendly. There are many ways that you can do this. It can be done with your invitations. It can be done with the clothing that you will wear. You can even do it with your wedding ceremony and your wedding reception. There are plenty of ways that you can tailor your wedding to be greener. Those that are planning a green wedding are looking for ways to bring Earth friendly solutions into their wedding day in virtually every respect possible.

You are asking yourself, how in the world does a few hours that you will spend on your wedding day going to help the environment? After all, how much harm can be done in that time? The fact is that every day we need to make conscious decisions about the way that we use, reuse and recycle throughout every facet. While you may not think that your wedding being green is enough to be beneficial, imagine if ten people did the same thing, or 100. The more people that make small changes in their lives to benefit the Earth, the more of an impact it will be on the planet itself.

For some couples, this is already a way of life. They already are making eco friendly decisions throughout their daily events. This helps them to express just how much they appreciate the world and has a direct impact on their personal value system. For these people, planning a green wedding is an excellent tool and almost a given experience. Even if this is not you, now is the best time to create a wedding that can help you to change the way that you live after you are married. Of course, it will not only help you to better the world one thing at a time, but also will help others that attend your wedding to make decisions regarding the environment, too. You will open the door to new ways for them to help the earth!

How Can You Make A Difference?

There are many ways that you can change or alter your plans for your wedding day without spending much if any more money and have an eco friendly wedding. Here are some suggestions that you can use.

Start with your wedding invitations. Many of the best wedding invitation companies are now offering custom designed recycled or tree free paper wedding invitations for you to use. These are a great way to save a few trees and still to have the most amazing custom invitations out there. Companies like Twisted Limb are a great choice, for example.

Another highly expensive part of the wedding that could be made better with eco friendly products is your wedding attire. Consider getting a bridal gown that is made of environmentally safe fabrics such as silk or hemp. These materials are just as beautiful as traditional options, but they cost the environment much less. You can also consider purchasing a wedding gown that is used. This way, no additional materials are taken from the earth to make your dress, one organization; that of making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation, sells bridal gowns that have been used. They use the funds raised to help with caring for terminally ill breast cancer patients a worthwhile cause and a good way to save the earth at the same time. You may want to consider donating your gown after your day, too.

Consider the food that you will be serving at your wedding reception. Is it going to be the best choices for your guests? What about for the environment? The key is to consider if your caterer or your hall will provide you with organic options. Organic products do not have any type of pesticides on them, nor do they have any type of harmful agents for your body. You can find nearly all types of produce and meats available organically. What's more, you want to consider organic beers and wines as well. These are a great way for you to save and still get all that you wanted. Be sure too to talk to your caterer about using non disposable dishes and silverware during the event. This fills up landfills and causes any number of problems in the process.

How about your flowers? Many flowers will be used at your wedding including your bouquet, your wedding ceremony and the tables at your reception. You can save a good deal of money by choosing flowers that have been grown locally. In addition, you can save the environment by considering only organically grown flowers for the event. This helps you to remove some of the pesticides from your event as well as from the Earth. And, by purchasing locally, you are helping to save on your budget (not to mention helping local produces to make a significant investment in their business.)

Anyone that is considering a wedding that is not green, should rethink it. Many of the above mentioned things are not going to cause you to lose any of the glamour of the day. More so, they can help you to know that you are making sound decisions that will benefit all of you throughout the rest of your life. Small steps, simple changes is all it takes to really make an impact on the way that your wedding looks, feels and works with the earth.

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