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Groom Speeches - Finding the Right Words to Thrill the Wedding Guests

Updated on May 3, 2011

The groom speeches are one of the most important wedding speeches delivered during the wedding reception. This is because you are one of the two people that is being honored on this day. You should therefore make sure that the groom speeches that you deliver are heartfelt. A good way to achieve this is by using humor.

Here are some things that you should keep in mind if you are considering doing funny groom speeches. The first thing you have to consider before you even attempt to write groom speeches, is if this style fits your personality. If you tend to be a more serious person, you may not want to attempt groom speeches that are funny because it will not come across as genuine.

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Be Yourself When You Speak

Remember to always be yourself during groom speeches.  Everything that you say during groom speeches should appear to be very natural.  If you are a more serious person you can still do a little humor but the groom speeches should not be a standup comedy act because this will look fake.  One or two jokes will be more than sufficient. 

If you think that you are a person that is capable of doing funnier groom speeches because it is just your natural style to tell jokes you should try to use this approach.  This is great because your laid back attitude will help the audience to relax and everybody loves a genuinely funny guy.

After all you want your wedding guests to have fun during your wedding and not to be bored and going to sleep during your groom speeches.  A good rule of thumb is to do some research online first to find out what kind of jokes typically go over well during a wedding reception.  These types of jokes that most often appear in groom speeches are one-liners and witty short stories.

Telling Jokes the Right Way

But make sure at the same time when you are telling jokes in your groom speech, that you keep your attitude in check.  After all you have a lot of people to be thankful toward for helping you to put together this special event.  So coming across as cocky or arrogant in your groom speech is definitely not a good idea.  You should always make sure to stay humble and not brag to much even if it is a part of the jokes that you are telling in your groom speech.

If you want to make writing groom speeches a good idea is to also use premade wedding speeches that you can find on the internet.  What you can do is find a generic groom speech and then add in the jokes and stories that you want to tell in order to personalize the groom speeches. 

This way you can focus entirely on the joke writing and have the thank you and introduction part of the speech already taken care of by the generic portion of the premade wedding speech.  Follow these tips and you will have a funny heartfelt wedding speech written in no time!


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