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Guidelines for Your Child Custody in the State of Florida- Part 1

Updated on February 3, 2016
Gisondolaw-Child-Custody | Source

Time- Sharing as it is now referred to in the Florida State Statutes, is defined as the time where each parent, be it from marriage or otherwise, gets to spend a determined amount of time with their child or children. Unless there are extremely adverse circumstances so noted by the court, no parent is allowed to deprive the other parent from spending time with their child. While it is hoped parents will work out and set their own, reasonable Time-Sharing agenda, this does not always happen and the court must step in via mediation or a judge to determine a fair child custody agreement for each parent.

Here is where a lawyer, preferably with several years experience, is paramount to your receiving as close to your hoped for outcome as possible. These laws in the state of Florida consider both legal and physical care for children of married or non married parents. Legal custody allows a parent to make medical, educational, disciplinary, and religious decisions. Physical custody determines where children will reside.

Florida has two types of judgments for this law, solo and joint. Solo is where one parent is awarded complete custody, both legal and physical. More usual, however, is where both parents share both legal and physical custody. This second type of custody is called shared parental responsibility. Here, all decisions related to the child must be agreed upon by both parents. The child’s primary residence, primary physician, and school will be determined by whichever parent is named primary joint custodian.

To help the court consider all aspects, the state of Florida has put into law 20 guidelines in the best interest of the child, not the parents that every judge must consider. For each case a decision is required. These guidelines are found in Florida Statute 61.13(3) and can be easily accessed on line using the search title Florida Statute 61.13(3). In part two of this article each guideline will be paraphrased to help you see how detailed and complicated the process truly is.

Having a qualified and experienced lawyer to help you navigate the maze of issues you need to present evidence and witnesses for the court is essential if you are to receive a fair outcome. And, if you live in or near Palm Beach, Florida, Grant J. Gisondo, PA is just the lawyer you need for your concerns. With over 10 years experience, 7 professional memberships and 100% dedication to his clients, Child Custody Lawyer in Palm Beach Grant J. Gisondo is there to represent you in the best interests of your child. Consider his mission statement: “We are a guiding light through even the darkest of situations. I provide clients going through a tough time with a light at the end of a tunnel. I counsel clients about good decision making in both their emotional and financial futures.” For more information about attorney Gisondo and to learn how to receive a free, initial, in person consultation, look on-line at


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