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Guys - Do You Have a Reason to Cheat? Part 1

Updated on June 13, 2008

How many guys out there have another woman on the side? You know...someone you go to when things are not going well with your partner. O.k. you don't have to answer that. You already know who you are. Some of you there have more than one woman on the side. Why?

Well let's view some problems you've probably noticed from your partner. You know...the problems that may have caused you to cheat in the first place.

Problem# 1. She's just not in the mood anymore.

Reason: Loss of sexual chemistry/personal problems.

Solution: Try to communicate with her. Find out what gets her in the mood. I know a lot of you guys out there have a huge ego. And that makes you think that you're doing o.k. But you may not know everything that she likes. So it's important to find out what she likes so that you could have better intimacy with her.

2. She's probably going through personal problems or she has a female issue. Most men may be well familiar with the three following letters- P.M.S. Not only could P.M.S. cause her to get overly emotional and sometimes crazy), she may also withhold sex because of it.

The personal issue she's going thorough can be a variety of things. Some of these things are:

a. Problems at work

b. Problems with friends/ family

c. A bad day

d. She's just too tired

You can't expect a woman to be in the mood 100% of the time. There are many issues that may result in sexual neglect. If you communicate first, you may find out the reason why she's not in the mood.


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