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Guys: Great Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend!

Updated on September 12, 2012

It's difficult to make suggestions on what would be good gift ideas for the guys that are reading this article because generally a gift for say a 16 year old girlfriend, would be different from that of a 30 or 40 year old. It also depends on how long you two have been together, and at what stage the relationship is in. In the beginning, you can find something sweet and thoughtful, but in the later stages it should be something that carries more of an emotional, sentimental value.

But let me provide a few suggestions...

1. A good birthday gift basket. This can include flowers, a teddy bear, and a hand written note/card (If you decide to buy a card, be sure to write a special message for her- something that will have a strong emotional impact.

2. A special CD. This can be a collection of her favorite songs, songs that you feel would put a smile on her face, or a CD (or song) that you can create yourself... if you're a good singer and can pull it off.

3. A special photo collage. If you two have been together for a while, and you have some pictures that you can create a collage out of, then this a great gift idea you can consider.

4. Jewelery. A promise ring, an engagement ring (if you've been together for some time), a necklace, or any other piece of jewelery is always a good idea.

5. A nice bubble bath with a meal. If you know how to cook, and you live together, you can surprise her with a nice meal followed by a nice bubble bath.

6. Sexy Lingerie (or any other item of clothing for that matter). This is not recommended for relationships that's in the beginning stage, because it may be too soon for that- or you may not know her size. But it's a gift idea you may consider if you've been with her for some time.

7. Gift Certificates. I'm not a big fan of giving gift certificates out to those you care about on special days because it doesn't have that much of an emotional impact. But if they do work at times. So a gift certificate to say a Spa can be great for her.

Whatever gift you decide to give your girl for her birthday, anniversary, or any other special day, make sure that you put some thought in it... and it comes from the heart.


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