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Guys: How To Approach A Girl...The Right Way!

Updated on September 25, 2011

Now I've written numerous articles relating to this topic. But in this article I'm going to focus more on the approaching aspect of meeting a woman. And I'll do it in the form of frequently asked questions.

Question #1: How do I approach a girl?

Before you approach a girl you have to make sure that you look good (meaning your clothes, hair, and even nails are neat and clean), your breath smells good, and you plan to be process-oriented (by flirting, and getting to know her) rather than outcome-oriented (like you must get her number or you'll feel bad for even approaching),to reduce any feeling of rejection. Then approach with confidence.

Question #2: Should I look at her and smile then approach her?

Like the Nike slogan goes: Just Do It. In other words just approach her. If you insist on just hanging back before you go up to her, then feel free to smile and look for a smile back. It's a safe, positive approach, but it doesn't hurt to do it this way.

Question #3: How should I introduce myself/what should I talk about first?

FIRST compliment her. No cheesy one-liners or pick-up lines, but a genuine compliment. THEN extend your hand for a handshake and introduce yourself. When you do talk, ask open ended questions about HERSELF- and look for a common interest to make the conversation flow more easily.

Question #4: What should I generally talk about?

Talk about mutually interesting, positive topics. Stay away from topics like politics and religions which may cause the conversation to take a negative turn.

Question #5: How do I go about asking for a date?

FIRST ask for HER number (NEVER give yours). If the conversation went great and you've noticed at least a few good positive body language cues like smiling, leaning in your direction, flirting, and the all important touch (on your shoulder, hand, or arm from her when she's making a comment or point on something), then when you speak with her, set up a date sometime soon. You have to strike while the iron is hot!


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