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Guys: How To Win A Woman’s Heart Back If You Cheat

Updated on June 22, 2009

So you cheated. Does that mean that it's automatically a "relationship death sentence"? Not necessarily. Though there are some women who may feel too hurt to give you a second chance after you cheat, there are some who will.

So how do you know if your woman will give you a second chance?

Just try these ideas:

1. Show her why she's special. If you cheat on a woman that you've been with for some time, she may feel undesirable. Tell her how beautiful she looks, how she's the only one who has your heart, etc. But be sincere. If you really want her back, you need to genuinely express how much she means to you.

2. Give her affection. Once she's ready to put 100% effort into the relationship again, give her a lot of attention. But be careful not to smother her. Kiss her, hold her, hold hands with her. Show her a lot of love.

If you are given a second chance by your woman, don't blow it. You have another opportunity to prove to her just how good of a partner you can be. So use the above tips with your woman and make your relationship more loving and considerate. YOU have the power to make a relationship great. So make it great!


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