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Guys: How to Develop Your “Swagger” To Attract More Women Pt.2 – Swagger Talk

Updated on August 1, 2011

The way you carry yourself, dress, talk, or even walk can either attract a potential mate, or repel her. In other words, you need to develop some “swagger”. So when you decide to approach a woman of your interest, you need to do the following:

1. Deepen your tone of voice. Studies show that most women are more attracted to a man that has a deeper tone of voice, than a guy who has more of a higher-pitched tone. Even if you’re not born with the voice of Dark Vader or Vin Diesel, you can still woo a woman with your sound. Here’s what you can do:

· Strengthen your vocal chords

· Try some voice lowering exercises

For more info on this go to:

2. Communicate effectively. Forget pick-up lines…they never work. They come off a bit cheesy, and may easily repel a woman right off the bat. When you approach a woman, give her a compliment, ask her questions about herself- but be careful not to make her feel as though she’s on the hot seat. The conversation should also be balanced (which also means you shouldn’t talk too much about yourself). Find a common interest through your question asking- so the conversation can flow more easily.

** You should also be aware of her body language. If she’s smiling, being playful with you, giving you a touch on the arm to make a point, leaning closer in your direction, then that’s a good sign that she’s interested. If she’s checking her watch, folding her arms, giving you short or abrupt answers, or yawning, then thank her for her time and move on to the next person of your interest.

So now you see just by changing how you talk can have a huge effect on how a woman perceives you to be. So get out there, have fun, and start attracting women today!


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    • loveguru23 profile image

      Daniel Amis 5 years ago from Queens, NY

      Thanks Isaac for posting your suggestion as well!

    • profile image

      isaac 6 years ago

      Try the swagger manual.

    • loveguru23 profile image

      Daniel Amis 8 years ago from Queens, NY

      Thank you Deeper Voice! Clearly by your hub name, I think you understand the great effect that it has in terms of attracting a woman.

    • profile image

      Deeper Voice 8 years ago

      That is great hub, and yes deeper voice is good for pickup!