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Guys Internet Dating

Updated on August 9, 2015

Online dating where do you meet?

The debate continues about what is appropriate for online dating. Everyone has heard of the MTV show Catfish, Investigative Discovery channel, and the local news when it comes to the dangers of online dating. Sites attempt to offer those online safety information and tips such as:

  1. Do not reveal personal information such as place of employment, address, and other personal information.
  2. Meet people in public places that are heavily populated. Sorry gentleman, until women are comfortable, no insisting on picking a woman up at her door right away. Unfortunately you could be a great gentleman or an ex-con stalking formerly locked up for stalking, murder, or domestic violence.
  3. Do not give or loan money to anyone you meet online. Do not providing bank account information to a stranger, hence the person you are communicating with online.

Bistro's Best Internet Dates

Guys, let me give you some ideas of how to date effectively while avoiding the pitfalls of meeting women that seek men to enhance their lifestyle while financia

Guys, let me give you some ideas of how to date effectively while avoiding the pitfalls of meeting women that seek men to enhance their lifestyle while financially benefiting from dating.

There seems to be debate about what’s expected and appropriate when meeting someone. Men often feel how you start out creates a level of expectation from the other party so therefore they may not want a woman to believe every night out for dinner will costs $200-$300. Understandably for the first date a man would want to first ensure the woman he met on line fits their online presentation. There are many factors that are involved when you consider what is appropriate in terms of where to meet.

What is your economic level and the level of the person you meet online? Chances are if you are corporate professionals, well-traveled, meeting at Starbucks might not be your best bet. On her profile do you notice she frequents certain environments? Keeping with the tradition she presented, within reason, is not a bad idea. If she’s a young college student working at Target then Applebee’s/Chili’s/Chipotle for lunch might be fun. If she’s a professional corporate executive –Chili’s would be inappropriate. While it is a first date and there is no need to spend a large amount of money, it is important to try and put your best foot forward. Guys, as old fashioned as it may sound, women still find it endearing for men to try and impress them in some way.

Men are you ready for one of the best hidden jewels when it comes to meeting someone you met online when you don’t want to splurge on STK or Ruth Chris on a first date? Café Bistro’s with nice atmospheres-the perfect place. The décor is decent, they have a full bar, and the food is decent. Let me make it clear on what type of Bistro, the kind found in select Nordstrom locations. Now some bistro’s are better than others so do practice due diligence when researching the layout and décor of the bistro. Nordstrom have some locations that include an upscale bistro that has decent food and contains a nice adult atmosphere. You won’t break your wallet and you will not lose points with the lady you invite to such a place.

Understandably, men do not want to be used as applicants designed to financially fund a woman’s lifestyle we must consider women also do not want to be considered unworthy of your best foot forward when getting to know them. Dutch on a date is not worth most women’s time. Please don’t make a bigger deal out of this statement than need be and don’t give endless stories of how you met the love of your life eating the best meal of your life at subway. Exceptions not rules. Other dating ideas that work for shoestring budgets or dates that do not require $200-$300 are:



In all fairness guys women go through a lot to get ready and to maintain their presentation. Waxing, hair, makeup, dress, and heels should not be met with a meet up for a burger at Burger King. While major investment in a maybe should not be a consideration, taking a quality woman to the fish spot for a to-go meal is a waste of her time.

What are your thoughts regarding where you should go on a first date with an internet prospect?

Guys, do you have a certain dollar cap on your first internet date?

What locations do you suggest on first dates?

What are your thoughts on first places to meet an internet date?

First date after meeting online

What is your favorite suggestion, meeting place, for your first date?

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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      3 years ago

      Voted up and useful.

      I always met for lunch on a Saturday afternoon at some place like TGIF or Red Robin. The first date is all about establishing whether or not there is any chemistry in person. Meeting there also allows both people the independence to drive home without being together if things didn't go well.

      The first date should be lighthearted and FUN!

      Whenever both people don't have a great time together they rarely have a second date. Too often these days people are so intent on "weeding people out" that they make a "first date" more stressful or unbearable than it needed to be. One sure a date is going badly in my opinion is there is no laughter, flirting, or sexual innuendo.

      Lastly I always recommend go for a "goodnight" or "goodbye kiss" if they're generally interested in the woman. Odds are (if she's interested) in you she's not going to turn her head or push you away.

      I realize some women may have a "no kiss on the first date rule". However if someone is willing to end a date with a rejection of a kiss odds are they're not that "into you" to begin with.

      A great kiss usually causes both people to look forward to the next date.


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