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Guys: Some Cool Ways To Use Foreplay Pt. 2

Updated on July 15, 2008

When it comes to being intimate, do you think it's not that important to use foreplay? Or are you the type that's unsure on how to do it in a way that will put a huge smile on your partner's face?

Well here's what you should know: You don't need to use foreplay every time you engage in a sexual activity. There may be times when you both just want to get straight to having sex.

But if a woman wants to be romanced and have her body caressed and cared for, there are many things you can do.

1. Use Erotic Tapes or DVDs. If you have a partner who is open to watching sex films to spice up the mood, then DO NOT put on a hardcore sex tape. Nothing ruins a moment more than a hardcore sex film (such as: barbaric or pain inducing like bondage). Remember your goal is to keep everything smooth and romantic. So save those for other times. Some tapes you should consider are soft core movies or "How-To" instructional tapes. Nina Hartley's a porn superstar who provides a great line of instructional video tapes. Some of these tapes are: Nina's Guide To Foreplay, Nina's Guide To Private Dancing, Making Love To Women, etc.

2. Use Books. Erotic books are also great to use to get a woman in the mood. If you set up a bubble bath for her, you can put the book on the side of the tub with a few rose peddles around it. One woman stated to me that the book Addicted by sex novelist Zane made her feel sexually aroused. Can you see how beneficial these books can be?

When you implement these ideas the next time you make love, you will no doubt make your woman very happy. Remember to take your time and show your partner exactly how much she means to you.


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