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Guys: What You Need To Know About Women…and How To Create The Perfect Moment

Updated on August 27, 2008

Women absolutely dislike when guys ruin perfect moments by saying (or doing) something well...stupid. Many of us guys have been there at some point in our lives while with a woman. In my book What Every Woman Wants Her Man To Know, I cover the topic more in depth in the Romance chapter about what you can do to make a great romantic moment, but I feel it's necessary to discuss how women feel about it here.

Now usually when we say something to ruin a moment, it's probably because we're nervous about the encounter and we don't think before we speak. So here's what you should do:

Take a few deep breaths and...RELAX.

When a woman's in the mood for intimacy, she's in her "erotic zone". Scientifically speaking, you've managed to stimulate her lower limbic brain in some way. That's the part of the brain that brings upon feelings such as sexual desire and arousal. Now you why it's important to relax and think before you speak. Otherwise she may switch from being in the "erotic zone" to the "dead zone".


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