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5 Types of Men to Be Avoided

Updated on November 7, 2014

“It’s a jungle out there!” This might sound hysterical but it’s somewhat true nowadays. We meet a lot of people along the way; tall, short, lanky, chubby, skinny, with heavy makeup, with the au naturel look, egotistical, vain,and the list goes on and on. In whatever form they might be, people are different that’s why the word “individuality” was invented. Tons of people will cross our paths and we can’t help it because we humans are meant to interact and bump into each other. One way or another, these people will leave a big mark in our lives; some will make us giddy with happiness, some will coax us to do crazy stuff, some will make us hope, assume, believe in happily ever after , some will also trample us, some will create havoc in our lives and some are just passing by. Well, with these kinds of experiences, we girls should have better judgment by now: but why do we still seem to fall for the wrong guy? This may or may not help, but it pays to know. Here are some lists of guys you shouldn’t be seen with:

1. Mr. Johnny Bravo

This one is a giveaway because we all love to hate this kind of guy .He is vain;he gives importance to his physical appearance more than anything in this world and adulates himself. Moreover, he feels that everybody adores him (with puppy eyes). In fact, you’re not on the top of his list. Then, if you don’t want to tolerate this kind of attitude, it’s high time to make yourself scarce before you become a part of his so called “adoration club”.

2. Mr. Magician

Now you see him, now you don’t. He pops out of the blue and leaves you hanging without a clue. Sadly, this guy will make you hope and assume with his false promises and cool demeanor. He will flirt with you outrageously, making you think that he is so into you, but lo and behold, he will just suddenly disappear from your life; no phone calls and no text messages. Then, when you’re finally over him, he will suddenly make his presence felt and charmingly crawl his way into your life again without any explanation or apology for his rakish attitude (sigh).

3. Mr. Perv

Warning! This guy can have many different approaches.Well, for one thing he can be charming at first and when he already has your trust, he’ll start giving signs of being a potential pervert (well, at least he is subtle- pun intended).Then, there’s also another type of pervert who is just simply a pervert; he talks dirty and posts mind boggling pictures which can leave you appalled. In fact, these pictures can make you say, ”Seriously? Get a life!”

4. Mr. Collector

Why settle for one when you can have them all? The collector often thinks that he can never be content with one mainly because he has a big appetite: we can’t leave the poor man starving right? So he goes out and hunt for potential preys, he collects them all and flirts shamefully with all of them. Well. You can never find any sense of peace with this kind of guy so you’d better run and hide before his claw reaches you.

5. Mr. Cliffhanger

We love a story with this kind of plot. We usually hear viewers saying ‘Wow! That movie is a cliffhanger; it just leaves me at the edge of my seat. I want more of that movie. Well, that’s the movie but what if we’re talking about a human per se, so that’s a different story now. I don’t see myself saying that I like it when he leaves me hanging (literally and figuratively).When all along I thought we’re good then suddenly he’ll say I am a good friend;Friend??!! Are you kidding me? So what is the I love you for and the I miss you big time for? Appallingly, this guy will leave you nuts. You can never decode the status of the relationship because he is amazingly sweet to you and he treats you like he has a hold on you. Hold on a second, let’s try and give the guy the benefit of the doubt because maybe we’re just assuming things, maybe we’re reading the signals wrong. Truth be told, if you don’t like someone romantically, you don’t need to be so clingy. If you’re not interested, then don’t be so charmingly sweet or better yet don’t leave a girl hoping because it hurts big time.


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