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Gym, Confidence and Girls

Updated on February 15, 2013
acquire discipline like army officers
acquire discipline like army officers | Source

Improve Your Image

All guys want girls to be attracted to them, or at least we want to be able to go out and meet women and be able to talk to them properly thus increasing the likelihood of success. Many guys who are not successful with girls have faced rejection before and are unable to approach women because of a negative self image. The gym helps guys build a positive self image, if you have a positive self image you are confident and confidence is attractive.

How the Gym Builds Image

First of all when you workout, it improves a whole lot of things besides your body and your health. Let’s start off with your body, when you workout you become healthier, you look better, you feel better. Building a great body takes a lot of discipline, goal setting and dedication, such qualities are valuable in the real world outside the gym, and it teaches you how to focus. If you use the qualities you have gained in the gym in your everyday life you are bound to succeed (woman are attracted to successful people).

With a proper effective workout program, you will build a body that will make you confident; a body that will make you think that you can get any woman you desire. If you can convince yourself that you are hot and any girl would be lucky to get you, then you are already on your way to being able to get the girls you are attracted to. Also having a great body and wearing clothes that suit your newly acquired build will make things easier for you, improving your outward appearance would increase the chance of girls coming to you and starting conversation and even engaging in a little flirtation.

Kirill Chayka Aesthetics
Kirill Chayka Aesthetics | Source

I’ve Got Muscles Now What?

Working out changes you outside and gives you and internal boost (self confidence), it also opens opportunities you might otherwise have not had for you to show people your real self. It’s the same with girls, the outside beauty draws us in but it’s the personality that keeps us there or forces us to part ways. Realistically, it is what is in your head that matters, being yourself and being comfortable and confident in your own skin. If you could not talk to girls before, it does not mean now that you are buff/muscular you will have the ability to do it, all it means is that you give yourself a better chance and that hopefully you will be confident enough to approach girls and be yourself and hope they like you.

It does not mean you will no longer get rejected, everyone gets rejected every once in a while. Another important thing to know is that you don’t even need to work out to get girls, it is just one method out of many to improve yourself image and remove some of your insecurities which are the barriers preventing you from approaching women. All girls have their preferences some prefer skinny tall guys, some like muscular guys, some even like guys with bellies (weird I know), but confidence, good listening skills and a great personality trumps all those preferences.


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    • zulumuscle profile image

      zulumuscle 5 years ago

      Yeah you are right, rich or famous guys get a lot of women just because they have money no matter how they look. But I have also seen lots of hot chicks with guys you would not have imagined them with, even though those guys were not rich. I guess girls want guys who treat them well and know how to make them feel special.

    • tussin profile image

      I'M BANNED Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!! 5 years ago from Behind You

      Girls are more into money and a guy's personality than his looks. If you have a nice car, buy her stuff, and make her laugh all the time, you're set. Looks fade over time and women know that.

    • zulumuscle profile image

      zulumuscle 5 years ago

      I appreciate your honest opinion but the truth is that you and some females may feel that way but there are many more girls out there who like 'gym-obsessed morons' as you put it. Even guys who are a beastly size like Ronnie Coleman, Phil Heath have beautiful wives and woman chasing after them. Every person has a right to choose who they are attracted to but there is no need to insult people just because they like working out.

    • profile image

      Just a girl 5 years ago

      You are seriously joking, aren't you??? No girl likes a gym-obsessed moron!

      I would vomit if the psychopathic looking thug in the first picture or the freak of nature in the second one tried to touch me. No way, would I ever be seen anywhere near one or other! I would never live down the shame.

      I think a certain type of homosexual man would like No. 38, though, so maybe this hub would be more successful if you changed its tone to being about men attracting men.