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HAPPINESS Continued Chapters 8 to 11

Updated on June 29, 2012

Happiness Continued 8

Chas drove too fast, and he knew it.
He would arrive back in Atlanta, despite Monday morning traffic,
just in time to climb into his red crane and begin another
week on the Georgia Power job.
His union, Operator's #4143,
had planned a deep sea fishing trip
in the Gulf of Mexico, departing from
Panama City, Florida during September.
All he thought about as the miles sped past was being with Gale. "Would she go?"

She would have to come in her own car as he had committed to driving with three of the guys.
Would she think he was crazy?
Would she meet him in Florida for a long weekend?
Then they could finally be together... in her room, which he would pay for.
God only knew what little salary she took home
from the billing department, but she was very independent.He needed to talk to her face to face to convince her what a wonderful time they could have...he shivered. He wanted Gale...he needed to be with her.
His trip back home to Tennessee had been horrible.Janice knew something was wrong this past weekend,
for she kept accusing him of "being somewhere else".
"You might be here physically, but
mentally you are with someone else!
I know it! You just can't leave the women alone! I have had it. Why don't you move to Atlanta?Leave me the house and some money and then you can go screw anybody you want!" She was furious.

Chaz had to move away from all her negative energy,so he put $500.00 on the dresser and left. Chaz did not want to make any decisions about the future. He did not understand why he couldn't be satisfied with Janice, but he could not.

Time to focus on work. Then he saw Gale on the way to the office. When their eyes met, Gale's Smile lit up her entire face. Chaz said hurriedly,"I'm running late this morning, but can you meet me for lunch?We'll go across the street to the sandwich shop."

"Well good morning to you too!" Gale responded."Since you are in such a hurry...ok, handsome, I'll meet you here at noon."

Two weeks later, as Gale drove to Florida, by herself, in a rental Camry, she could not believe she was so easy. Is that what love was about? Wanting to be with someone so badly that you rearrange your entire schedule for a few stolen hours? That would be a "yes" she said to herself. Her "self talk" had certainly increased since she and Chaz had gone to the Peachtree.She could hardly breathe when Chaz held her and it was totally consuming.How could someone's touch move her emotions so much? She was riding a beautiful natural high that she had never experienced before.When she thought of what could happen in Florida, she smiled from deep within.

Chapter 9

They met out on the beach.
It was very late as Chaz had to attend the welcoming dinner for all of the members of the Operator's local.
Gale had arrived safely, checked in, freshened up,
and was looking at the waves coming to the shore
as Chaz walked up.
She had spread a blanket on the white sand
and held out her arms, saying,
"Hello Handsome, me".The next moments were lost in time as they held each other close.

Gale decided that the best word to describe Chaz's kiss was "delicious" but the effect they had on her was "mind altering".

After a while, Chaz said, in an unusually serious tone,"Gale, I have to tell you something", he paused, "this is harder than I thought it would be.."breathing hard, he continued,"before we go any further, you have to know.... I"m married."

"You're what?" asked Gale."How could you be? We've been talking for over a never said anything. I've fallen in love with you.My god, what am I to do? I can't erase my can that be?"

Gale's tears could not be stopped."I don't want to cry," she said, "My mama cried enough for everyone and crying never solved anything."

"Don't cry, beautiful lady, it is going to be all right.We can go through this together....but,you had to know the truth," Chaz whispered

."Yes," Gale agreed,"But why does it have to hurt so much?"Chaz reached out to hold her close and Gale surrendered. Daylight came... Chaz remembered that the chartered deep sea fishing boat would be pulling out very soon.

Chaz walked Gale to her room,but decided not to enter. He thought she needed time to calm down.He turned and started back across the sand with a heavy heart. Even though Chaz had every intention of meeting the guys for the scheduled fishing trip, he could not leave Gale. He had not meant for her to be so upset.He stood at the door and finally knocked softly.           

When she said, "It's not locked," he found her lying in the bed, surprised that he had returned.
They still smelled of the ocean after sitting on the beach.There was silence except for their breathing while they stared into each other's eyes across the dim room.Gale had slipped into her pj's. Under the thin cotton tank top her breasts lay soft. Never breaking eye contact, he unzipped his slacks and pulled them off,then stepped out of his shorts.Chaz pulled back the light covers and got in beside her,taking her face between his hands."I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you."
She angled her head and touched her mouth to his, tentatively. She made a soft sound of surrender and sank into the kiss.
His fingers burrowed in her blond hair, but the passion was tender." I need you so badly," Chaz whispered softly.
For a long time they kissed, deeply and wetly and sexily, drinking in the taste of each other.
Eventually he raised his head and gazed into her tear stained face now flush with desire.
He helped her to remove her tank top and shorts.
Skin to skin, they sighed with pleasure as his mouth melded with hers once again.His manhood was hard.By the time the lengthy kiss ended, they were restless, wanting...needing more.He levered himself up so he could look at her. As Chaz kissed her again, his hand found its way down her torso and nuzzled the delta between her legs.He tenderly spoke her name.He was guided by her sighs, told what she liked by her soft groans.Finally, he raised himself above her,and kissed her mouth as he sent his manhood deep into her.So intense....a perfect fit. When he started to move, he pressed one of her thighs toward her chest to increase the friction and the pleasure.His strokes grew faster, deeper.He wanted to hold back...make it last. But they had wanted each other for so long,and his climax was racing toward him. Her body arched. She called his name and clutched him to her.He emptied himself into her, thinking,"How could anything that felt this right, this perfect, ever be forgotten?"They lay... heads sharing the pillow....face to face."I couldn't fight it anymore" Gale said, as she snuggled against his chest."Will I be something you regret?" she asked.He replied," matter what happens, I'll never regret us...together. I feel at home with you...complete....a perfect fit".

Chapter 10

They spent the rest of the day together. As they heard the sounds of the waves crashing upon the shore,they found satisfaction time and time again.
Gale had never been aroused as Chaz's touch
caused a feeling of need she did not know she had.
She wanted to kiss every inch of his body and
was surprised at herself as she pressed her
lips around his manhood. He groaned and told
her what to do to please him.
After the thrilling feel of one final climax...together...they slept.

Upon awakening, Gale had questions gushing into her mind, "What are you going to do about your wife? What is her name? Do you have any children? What about you and me?"

From listening to her brother and male cousins,she knew that Chaz was not going to like all of her questions.Did he realize how much she loved him, and had since they first met? Did it matter to him?

She talked to herself:"Calm down. One step at a time." Of course, she knew the female "nesting instinct"was very strong within her.She was ready to "settle down", have his children, and throw herself into making a home for them all.

But suppose he had children?"All right brain....stop this" Gale reminded herself."Relax....enjoy this very moment...with the handsome, loving man laying beside you.

All the questions would be answered in time.Yes, time is your friend. You are both in your twenties with life's journey in front of you.Chaz had said "we can get through this together".He would not up and leave as her son's dad had done."Gale snuggled against the coolness of his skin,so thankful to be with him, and this time, she, too, was able to sleep.

Gale drove a rented Camry to Florida to meet Chaz
Gale drove a rented Camry to Florida to meet Chaz

Chapter 11

From the night Chaz made love to Gale,
he wanted her beside him. Yes, their physical attraction was strong,it even transcended into the "best ever"for he had never received the love and caring that Gale brought to him.

She was his natural partner, beautiful and charming, who shared his social values and his goals and desires to make something of his life.Something special seemed to happen when they were together.And she was a good listener, asking him all sorts of questions about his work and seeming to understand the details about the crane and all of his responsibilities.

She wanted to know all about him, more than he wanted to tell at times.He did not consider himself secretive, but he was and had always been "private". Sharing was a trait that he had to learn to please Gale, and he cared about her enough to try.

But the situation he had to solve was his marriage to Janice. He was glad that they had no children.She already made it very plain that all she wanted was the house.It was past time for him to leave Tennessee.

At twenty five, he looked forward to starting the next chapter of his life with Gale.He had observed her with Little Charlie and knew she was a devoted mother.And naming her son after him! How prophetic was that? They had only been out one time but Gale had told him about the extremely strong feelings she had for him when he was only fourteen.

Fate had given them another chance to be together and he was determined to get it right this time.

His job was secure.He was one of the best young crane operators in the southeast and he liked working in Atlanta, a city in the building mode.The budget for the work to construct a monorail system around Atlanta had been approved by the State Finance Committee. With the monies he made in the next five years, he could easily afford to build his dream home.

Gale only made about $22,000 a year,but Georgia Power paid for her health insurance and the cost to add Little Charlie was minimal.Her wages could pay for any extras that came up.Then he realized that he had not even asked Gale to move in with him.


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    • Ladyfairz profile imageAUTHOR

      Facebook - ZONA GAYLE 

      7 years ago from Georgia, USA

      Thanks again. I was raised in the same time period with a family that denied all things today's time it would be desirable just for the girls and boys to have knowledge but NOT to be bombarded by tv commercials, shows, etc all the time. Where is the happy medium? Maybe an editorial from "always exploring? THE BEST TO YOU

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      7 years ago from Southern Illinois

      I remember you telling me that.. Sex is a normal part of life, there should be no shame connected to it. I was brought up to believe it should be hidden, never spoken about. It's taken a lifetime to realize the teaching was wrong. I admire your writing. I could never write about sex, but you can and that's fine. I'll be here to read your next chapter...Cheers

    • Ladyfairz profile imageAUTHOR

      Facebook - ZONA GAYLE 

      7 years ago from Georgia, USA

      You are ALWAYS so dependable to read my stories...THANKS so very much...I think I told you that my doctor told me there were 4 out of 100 women who have increased hormones after can tell by my writing...I am one of those. God bless you, ZG

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      7 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Wow, Zona this was intense, very bold. The love scene was vivid and intriguing. Great story. See you next time.... Cheers


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