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Updated on February 13, 2015

Laughter is a wonderful medicine,

a tonic, a pain reliever, and a stimulant

all rolled in one.

Having a sense of humor can be the ability to provoke laughter in others. In order to develop a sense of humor, you need to talk more often. If you do not have a sense of humor, you could possibly become introverted. Try to talk to people around you. You can even compliment them in order to start a conversation. You will get to talk more often when you engage yourself more in discussions or conversations.

You can also develop a sense of humor when you watch comedies and read funny articles.

Carrying the whole world’s problem in our minds is one sure way to reduce our life span here on earth. This can be only noticed when the face of someone looks like the world is on him. The Bible encourages us not to worry since worries won’t solve any problem. Take your eyes off the problem and look unto Jesus the burden bearer and you will have rest for your soul. But while we all may have the capabilities for the funny trait, it takes a special kind of person to make an entire group erupt into a fit of laughter.

Life’s better when you're laughing. Those who have a good sense of humor not only see the value in making others laugh, but they prioritize laughter themselves. And as a result, they're healthier and happier for it. Studies show that smiling instantly boosts your mood and laughing can soothe tension and melt stress. Find time to laugh and let others see laughter in your face. Make jokes and be happy with yourself and everyone around you. I have noticed that people who make us laugh are very popular, not because it carries a qualification in the educational sector, but because majority of people (mostly the rich ones) need to laugh away their problem and forget about them, so they pay whatever it takes to attend a show to get laughing.

Sense of humor means exactly what it says. It’s having a sense when to use humor and when humor is being used. People who are said to have a poor sense of humor are people who don't get most jokes, or may get obvious jokes, but miss out on the more subtle ones. You just have to remember, not everyone has that sense of humor you know. Find people who get you and laugh with you. A long life is proportional to a life of joy and laughter.


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